February 16, 2011


I love him. Exactly as he is.

I love his accountability.

How he breaks into British accent for no reason whatsoever.

That he makes coffee for me every single day. Even when he's not having any.

I love that he tells stories of his childhood to our children. Even the bad stories.

I love his willingness to listen to crazy. To keep up with girl emotions.

I love that he needs kicked in the ass sometimes. Motivation!

I love that he knows when to kick me back.

I love his laugh.

His smile.

His bald head.

I love that he knows exactly when to hug me. Every. Single. Time.

I love that he knows my sigh.

I love that he lets me pepper him with 'I love you's as often as they have to come out.

I love that he says it back.

I love that he listens for God's voice, and then tells me when he hears Him.

I love that God held onto him for me for a while, let him have a past, grew him and got him ready for me... bumps and bruises and expertise and all.

I love that Bryon trusts me with his imperfections, his hurts, and his hopes. I want to make his heart SING.

I love that music moves his soul and that I know him well enough to know what mood he is in by what's on the iPod.

I love that he challenges me.

He trusts me.


He lets me go first!

I love that he is taking the time to understand the hurts I suffered in my previous marriage and is working to make sure I know HE IS NOT THE SAME.

I love that he is honest.

I love that, together, we are the funniest in the room. Even if it's only to each other.

I love that he lets ME tell the stories we share. And then makes all of them *pop* with guy speak.

I love that his friends love me, too.

I love his mother. LOVE her. His entire family is awesome.

I love his long fingers and strong hands. I love that I can see the years on the football field, the basketball court, and the bar fights every time I see those hands.

I love that he needs me.

I love the millions of ways he lets me serve him.

I love that I do not intimidate him. He flat out knows I could kick his ass.

I love that he hunts and fishes and plays ball and watches ball and grills and grunts and works hard for a living. HE IS A MANLY MAN.

I love that he is hairy. Except for that head.

He is strong. Capable. WILLING.

I love that I get to call this man my husband very soon.

I love that I get to put on a white dress because of him.

I love the 4,657,881 more things about him that I feel every time I look at his green eyes.

I love him. Exactly as he is.

That is all. Carry on!


  1. :-) So stinking wonderful....

  2. It is good, so good, to love this way... Oh, yes!