February 18, 2011

Lasagna Stacks

I saw this recipe today first on Baked Bree and then on The Creative Mama. Now I'm publishing it in yet a third place for all of you lovely people. I have GOT to try this!

I love making lasagna. I love the process. Sadly, it takes a lot of time so it doesn't get made often. This, however, looks like it could come together quickly.

Here is Bree's recipe (that's her photo, too).

No offense to Bree, but the kids aren't going to touch this. They will eat regular lasagna, however. Most of the time.

So I fully plan on omitting the arugula in this recipe and adding in a homemade spaghetti sauce with ground beef or sausage, minced mushrooms (because they eat them if they can't see them), and onions.

Can't wait to try this.


I can't wait to make her laugh so hard she pees.

I can't wait to hug her babies.

I can't wait to discuss cheeseburgers and redheads with her.

I can't wait to lie in her lap and let her play with my hair. While we watch the Golden Girls and The Office.

I can't wait to chant the following with her: Thank the deer; Buck is the man!


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  1. Seriously?! The internet is a SCARIER place with that photo online!

    Love you! Can't wait!!!!