February 4, 2011

Monday Monday

Odd thing to put on top of a blog, wouldn't you say: a big ole navy gray square right there? Hmm. Maybe not. What if I told you that I was so inspired by this photo -

...that I had to paint a room immediately?! Like so fast, Bryon got a good dose of what happens when creativity hits me. I mean, he saw, he loved, he approved if you will - and then in a blink of an eye I went round trip to and from Sherwin Williams (still my favorite), taped up the room in the crosshairs, and pulled the paint trigger. And we both are so in love with the result. The drama is awesome.

This is why I maintain that paint is the EASIEST way to decorate. And such instant gratification!

I can't wait to show you AFTER pics. Well before pics, too because - I purposefully did not mention which room it was. That's because this needs to arrive and be hung first:

It reminds me of this. We are 6 peeps, you know.

I realize this project had nothing whatsoever to do with the wedding we are planning, but sometimes you have to bust through a clog, you know? I needed a non-wedding project. And cooking wasn't cutting it. I was going to work on the four quilts (yes four), but then I saw that picture up there and, well, something had to be done immediately. So glad Bryon understands the creative process. And loves me for washing my brushes out in the kitchen sink. Oh yes.

Anyway, the entire way around the room, I thought. I thought and thunk and pondered. Nothing revolutionary. Nothing was bothering me. But it felt so good to paint that room. My goodness I must have needed that process because my head feels empty and calm again. Ready for another week of knocking things off of the wedding to-do list.

Productivity, ho!


  1. You don't know me, but somehow I found your blog an now I am a regular reader enjoying the highs and lows of your everyday life.

    Today's entry hit home and I couldn't agree with you more about paint. I love the process of painting, the results (and if not, paint again) and the inexpensive cost of purchasing paint.

    Good luck with finishing your wedding plans and with the actual wedding. Enjoy.

  2. Isn't it awesome when it just comes together like that? Hopefully now you can ride the wave!