February 8, 2011

Mountain Baby Blankets Update

Image from Lutherans Online.

I have absolutely not forgotten about this little project of ours. No way.

Images by Les Tyler.

In fact yesterday I contacted the CAP and asked for a blanket count and some other information. I spoke to K and she confirmed that one of my biggest goals has come true. What a testament to Jesus running this thing to begin with!

"The Mountain Baby Blankets ministry has sent well over 1,000 blankets to the children in Appalachia," she said.

Over 1,000 blankets.

Photo from The Moderate Voice.

I cried. I'm not gonna lie; I actually cried. I never dreamed that this project could have that impact in two years. One thousand children are warmer because of US. That STILL gives me goosebumps, yo!


Now, I've been after K for a picture or a testimonial or something that I could share here and I don't have any images yet. But that is okay. I know they still have a need and I know they are handing out our blankets.

If you are interested in making and sending a blanket to the children in Appalachian Kentucky, please contact me at racheljcox at yahoo dot com. The Christian Appalachian Project will be distributing our blankets, sized infant through twin, throughout the remainder of this winter. You can handmake your blanket (in any washable material/method) or you can send a new or gently used blanket. There is no deadline for our project; we sewed through the past two years and every blanket has a new home and a new child to surround with love!

Image from Foundation Builders International.

My friend Linda gifted me a wonderful wedding present today - you can read about that here. She asked her readers to sew for our ministry. Thank you, Linda!

Honestly, I could go on and on... and I probably should update more frequently on this project. But I know God is moving through it. It's still alive and going strong and doing His work to warm the hearts of those sewing, sending, and now sleeping under our blankets. GLORY.

It's going to be 18 degrees tonight in Appalachia. Let's add some warmth, shall we?

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  1. is this project still going on? Can I still donate? I just found out, my boyfriend being from Kentucky I have gained a special place in my heart for it, though not Appalacia.