February 23, 2011

Pitter Pat

My heart went pitter pat the other night.

We were making dinner. Moo had been feeling crappy but we had the tunes rockin' so she was compelled to dance. Around and around the room she went in her pink princess pajamas, including somersaults (because dancing for Moo always includes gymnastics). She almost danced herself sick! So Bryon scooped her up into his arms at the same time that some Neil came on. Time to slow it down.

He adjusted her just so on his hip, cocked his cowboy hat up, and then grabbed her little hand. And then he whirred her all around the living room for a princess dance. It was the most precious thing ever!

It's not the first time he's danced with her. It's not the first time my heart's gone pitter pat (holy cow, no way). But I love it every time because it reminds me of this:

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