February 17, 2011

Things I Love Thursday

1. Dear Snow, please don't go away yet. Stay around for just a little while longer. In fact, please dust the trees a bit so they look like this.

2. Classics gifting kit from knotandbow.

3. The most adorable ever frock from ramonawest. LOVE. MINE.

4. After I passed out, I ordered this one, too (also ramonawest). Oh yes I most certainly did. And I am so wearing it with socks and heels. You bet your ass. From here.

5. First, don't get any ideas. Our family is blessed enough, thankyouverymuch. With that out of the way, I couldn't NOT include this onesie, which popped up in my suggested shops on Etsy. It's from imkremer.

6. Lights. You will see these again (hint, hint). Photo from thesweetestoccasion.com.

7. Darling details from a wedding detailed on thesweetestoccasion.com (seriously the most inspiring blog EVAH). How cute is that picture?!

8. Green door found on thesweetestoccasion.com. LOVE.

9. Handmade dress from Onor.

10. Vintage plate. From fromlosttofound on Etsy.

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  1. Rachel

    I linked to your blog from Linda's at Don't Poke the Baby and I am really enjoying everything about it. Thank you. Alice