February 22, 2011


Holy bananas I am so dadblamed excited!

Only one more sleep until my uterus flipflops itself crazy [it can sense her, I swear]. Until Buck is the deer. Until our gosh, 9 now children collide into one another and fun and calamity ensues. We may lose another Ken doll head for all I know. I may not give Ruby back, I can tell you that.

There will be at least one lunch at Bracco.

I will not have blonde hair and she will not have bangs. Time moves on, you know. Hell, I'm pretty sure I don't even have that pink blazer anymore.

Oh, Lawsie.

I can't wait! Lulu, save traveling mercies, 'kay???? Say hello to PDubya if you see her in Oklahoma on the way.

PS: Bryon has NO IDEA what he's in for. I can't wait! Did I already say that?

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