March 31, 2011


It's the time of year when I want to clean out the closets like a motha'. In doing that, I uncovered a lot of things that have to go. Shrunken in the wash*, misshapen because they were cheap to begin with (Target tees are notorious for this), or too worn. It's time to replace with more updated, fresh things.

In all of my years loving JCrew, I never ordered from their other company, Madewell. Even when Alexa Chung started designing for them, I was still afraid it was too expensive. But this week when I realized I needed almost an entire new summer wardrobe, I decided to explore the Sale section. The Sale section and online promotions are the only way I can afford to shop to begin with, so it worked out!

I plan to wear all of these tops with my favorite ripped jeans until the weather breaks 70. Then, with the cutoffs I made from the $100 Buckle jeans I found at Savers for $12. SCORE. I really must go look for more of those.

Next up, his closet, and the closet racks, drawers, and heaps belonging to numbers 1, 2, 3, and 4 [that would be the children].

And Dear B: My how I love you. I love how thoughtful you are, how considerate. How you want to be everything I need. How you let me play with your eyelids and nose hair. I love you despite the fact that you sometimes forget to take my undryables* out of the laundry load before it goes into the dryer - and that they come out small enough for Hayley to wear. Love is unconditional and surpasses laundry accidents. And I further appreciate your agreement that whenever this happens, I can replace the item. Anything that allows shopping is good in my book. The fact that you DO laundry all the time - in fact, I have to fight to get in on that action - makes me love you one thousand-fold more. So, we're still best friends forever. Even if you keep shrinking my pants. 

Things I Love Thursday

1. Style favorite, Dear Lizzy. One of my favorite blogs; I read her every morning and then check again before bed to see if she's done anything else creative or had anything more to say. Or to see what she's wearing. The girl has a scrapbook line, beautiful children, and a penchant for personal style that I'm doing my best not to envy. I really enjoy her.

2. I don't wear necklaces often, but do I like this one from tamar. Wish it came in silver.

3. Anna Maria Horner's little folks fabric. YUM.
4. This unbelievably beautiful card holder, from here.

5. Vintage melmac cups and saucers for the little girls' room. - These, from here.

6. Madewell outfits.

7. Style icon Alexa Chung. LOVE.

8. Hammocks under the deck.

9. Smudgy eyes, red nails, and bright lipstick.

10. This beautiful quilt block by  - I love the colors!

March 30, 2011

Something For Judy Bovine

Several of you have asked me about sending Judy a card at her extended care facility. I am touched!

That would pretty much tickle the snot out of her, you know - to think she's famous because of my little ole blog. And the truth is, she needs all the encouragement she can get to get rehabilitated quickly!

Really, she would love it. ADORE it.

Now...I would never want to make you feel you needed to. And if you're not interested and only came here for more quilting patterns or stories of how I embarrass myself, you are welcome to check back tomorrow. But since more than one of you have asked me for this information, I am willing to give up her details. After all, you've been reading about Judy and Wing Duck Toe for a lot of years, too. I love that you care!

If you are interested in sending a card or note of encouragement to Judy as she recovers and therapizes after her big, major heart surgery last week, please email me at rachelkrutch at yahoo dot com or leave a comment on this post with your email.

And thank you in advance. God is amazing!

PS: Please be sure you tell her how you know of her... she's of a certain age you know; wouldn't want her to think she was being stalked by aliens or something. 

Long Hair Tries For Summer

Must try these.

by Cupcakes and Cashmere

Image from

March 29, 2011

Loonicorns, Powder Puffs and Rainbows... That's What Little Girl Rooms Are Made Of

Photos from Design Sponge.


(both already mine - banner pic by SparklePower)
Acme Homestead bunks 

Apartment Therapy


The girls' room is one that I am thrilled to decorate (with their input; don't you worry). Now that the framing is complete and the closet situated, we can see that the room really isn't big enough for two twin beds...anywhere... and still have some type of floorspace in which to play girl things. Like Polly Pockets or Barbies. Lord have mercy, the Barbies. Anyway, Bryon immediately suggested bunk beds and I have to admit, I was not on board at first. The room in my head didn't match bunk beds. And what about the edges of the twin sized quilts I am making; are they going to have to be tucked into non-existence? Should I re-plan? (Seriously - any tips there? Any bunk bed users have bed linen tips to make the top bunk NOT look like a hot mess all the time?)

Now I think the bunk beds are a necessity. Mabel will be on the bottom of course. I am now on the hunt for a style that will give their room the feel we want. Homemade 2x4's or Ikea aren't going to accomplish that. I wanted something older, with spindles perhaps. We'll see.

The girls and I discussed paint colors as well. More than once "rainbow" was mentioned but I rolled my eyes, not able to conceptualize what that could look like. Now? Holy business I MUST paint a wall like this one. And we have plenty of tu-tus and the like to hang up next to an old mirror as well.

The room was originally going to be Ash Violet by SW:

Now... I'm not sure. What about Possibly Pink instead?

Oh for the love of Pete, this is HARD! I did give up my pink kitchen in the old house and there is no chance in heck I'll be able to paint a shared room pink ever again... so maybe I should do it while I have the chance! The girls both love pink.

And this? MUST DO. Somewhere.

It's all very exciting.
Yes, the closet was a concern in their new room. We weren't sure we'd have the room to build a double closet, but it turns out that we did. Now each girl will have two shelves, two rods, and 2 cubbies apiece. While they are still little, we can use that extra room for books and TOYS. As in, the ones they manage to actually put away.  More to come as we plan!

PS: Mabel does not say "unicorn." She says "loonicorn" instead. And I let her.

Judy continues to do well. She is moving to her extended care facility today, we think. Please continue prayers for her strength and courage, and for her insurances to sort out whatever paperwork they need as well.

March 28, 2011

For The Family Room

Benjamin Moore Ozark Shadows AC26

Antique bar cart from Cupcakes and Cashmere.

Apartment Therapy

Amelia Lyon photography

As I have mentioned here before, we are finishing our walkout to make more room for our family. It's not a basement technically, as it's not underground. It's full of windows and almost exactly the same floorprint/square footage as the upstairs, so we are doubling the size of our house. We are so excited! I will happily clean a second toilet! I will be thrilled to vacuum another level if it means not running into someone every five steps I take.

The family room will be one of the first rooms we plan and decorate. [Trevor's bedroom and the girls' bedroom will both be downstairs, as well as a full laundry, storage room, and full bath.] We know we want the entire level to be a bit darker than the rest of the house, very comforting, and with pops of color throughout. I know how much I love white, but I'm really opening my mind to deep, soothing colors. Anyway, we also know that we want to put an "after-market" bar downstairs for entertaining. I'd love an enameled cabinet or antique bar cart, but we'll have to wait and see what fits (and locks!). The wall behind the couch is slated for a gallery wall and there will be a gas fireplace with TV above. It's a process and can't be done overnight (unless the money tree starts sprouting), but we can dream!

Thank you for the continued prayers for Judy. She continues to improve and will hopefully go to her extended care facility early this week!

March 25, 2011

About Judy Bovine

Sorry I was off the map for a few days. I had plenty of posts ready for you lovely readers, but my heart just wasn't into posting about trivial things. Respectively speaking, anyway. I gave it a go for a couple of days but then gave up. I hope you forgive me.

My attention has been on Judy.

Judy has always had a wonky heart valve. It slushed when you listened but never gave her any problem until recently. 68 years seemed to wear it out. On Tuesday of this week (and slightly 'urgent-like') she had a shiny new cow valve put in, along with a single bypass.

I've already told her that I intend to tip her over and listen for the "moo."

Around 1:00pm ET on Tuesday, I was allowed in to her room after surgery. People, she looked unexplainable. She was still on the vent and was... broken. My mommy was broken. They had split her chest open and messed around in there! No manner of pre-med training or maturity or stubbornness could have prepared me for that moment. I thought I was going to be sick. I froze entirely. It's a good thing they only allowed me 5 minutes and I used that up asking the nurse a million questions and trying to only sneak a peak of Judy's frail self from sideways glances. Oh it hurt my heart to see her like that.

During all of this, Bryon had to stay at home and the children were able to get a 4 day visit in with their dad (glory, God is good) - so I was alone. Alone in the car to call Bryon after my 5 minutes and SOB MY EYES OUT. Poor guy was all at work and everything and I just unloaded. Here I'd seen her and... I couldn't touch her. I'd been allowed but wouldn't. I was frozen, as I said. It was possible that I'd just let the last moment I would ever see her alive (bad things happen, Folks) to pass without kissing her forehead, touching her hand, or saying, "I love you." Shame on me.

But, as it turns out, God didn't want Judy that day. Or the next. She began to heal and was so excited to be at the hospital that she put in for a fancy permanent pacemaker surgery as well, which they did on Wednesday. She sailed through that as well. She's still sleepy. And she has 3 months of recovery ahead of her. And I am very much aware that she is there and I am here, with a young and new family. My heart is split in half. I am trusting that my uncles, her friends, and the good people at her preferred extended care facility will more than adequately care for her when I cannot. [She still won't move to Da Plains; I've asked.]

Yesterday I stopped into her room to say goodbye; we couldn't stay any longer. She kissed me and hugged me back. Mumbled a few mommy words before I left. I told her that I was proud of her for going through this. Then I swallowed the lump in my throat, picked up the kids from Shoes and headed West. Heading West never felt so good. 13 hours and two stops, and we made it home last night. The manner of missing my husband was also more than I'd prepared for. I may not let go of him for eleven days.

Now I get to annoy the nurses there with frequent calling at all hours of the day to hear about how she's doing. (I want to be part of what I can, until she can call me herself.) And Lord help them if they don't humor me and provide an update. 

So, now. I need some distraction. Let's get on with posting! Lots of home improvement ideas are whirling around in my head and I need to dump them out in order to concentrate on the mommy thoughts. I'd really love your continued prayers and I'll be sure to continue updating all of you on our dear Judy's progress.

March 21, 2011

A Table To Seat 8

(This post was written before we left to be with Nana, just in case anyone wondered. Prayers needed for tomorrow's heart surgery. Big ones.)

For a very long time, I mourned the fact that I would never have a large family. Large as in BIG. I was an only child growing up; I definitively required a large brood of my own to mother. Well. For a very long time, it just wasn't going to happen.

For years - somewhere circa 2005 - I was content with my two young boys, but I did not feel "done." My exhusband felt done. We argued about it for years [family vs. $], all along a hole inside of my heart. In 2009, there was a shift (although temporary) in our house toward good and along came Miss Moo Rae. I was elated to have 3. Grateful. Blessed.

Still. Three does not a brood make. I guess that depends on who you ask, but I wanted four. Maybe 5 children. Except by this point I was divorced and better off for it, and alone. So I prayed. Became content and happy with my 3.

Then one day I met a beautiful cowboy who had a daughter of his own. And just like that... we were 6 peeps.

[Folks, I'm pretty sure we're done - like 99.9% - just in case your mind is going there.]

I am thrilled that I now have a large family. Large as in BIG.

As a result of the size of our brood, um... we can't so much fit at our dining room table anymore. We kept his, which can seat all of us if we use the bar stools, too. It's uncomfortable and tight, and not a joy for company.

I have begun to look for a dining room table to seat 8. Six would be fine with a leaf for two more. The dining room table has a hefty chore in our home, too. Not only will it need to be very scrubbable (hello Andrew and the blackberries he loves), it needs to be beautiful. A bit... funky. Traditional and modern. Also needs to fit into the space we have.

Here are some pictures I'm using for inspiration so far. We aren't sure if we want farmhouse, turned legs, repurposed, or homemade.

March 20, 2011

God Thinks You're Awesome

After the band played their final final FINAL song for the night, Bryon and I walked with our friends out of the golf club as married people. All married and getting in the car and stuff.

He'd gone to the hotel ahead of time to check into the room. Still exciting to walk in the lobby in the white dress. Everyone knows exactly what is next on your agenda.

We'd made arrangements with family to keep the four kids occupied overnight.

I wish I could remember what music we listened to on the way when we left, but I cannot. Something about getting married and all was jacking with my concentration. But the music was poignant at the time.

We held hands.

Only, we were STARVING.

We'd eaten the lovely food at the reception (bacon wrapped chicken breast and center cut pork loin), but we danced it all away. We weren't 50 feet from the club when someone said 'McDonald's'. Again. I mean, someone said it inside but I was too busy dancing to Alice and listening to Melinda sing words I never thought I would hear come out of her mouth to notice. Then my tummy growled.

We pulled into McDonald's behind a gray van. They must have been hungry like us. Wait. Is that? IT WAS. Roger and Mindy were also stummy rumbly because there they were in the drive through at quarter til midnight in front of the married people. Not the first time our minds thought alike. We ordered and giggled. Waved through the windows. I tried to text her, but my phone battery was dead. Oh well. We pulled forward to pay.

"No charge," the kid says. What? "The couple in the van up there covered your order, too. They said to tell you that God thinks you're awesome."

We grinned and then drove full-speed to our hotel with the lovely hot tub.

Where we got undressed and chowed down the McDonald's.

Energy was required after all. I'm married now so I can say on this blog that I was ready to attack him like a bear wants honey.

Here's to being married, yo! Just goes to show, there is ALWAYS room for McDonald's (and less-than-stellar morning-after photography). In our house anyway.