March 10, 2011

H O L Y Collision, Batman

When I knew that Mindy and Roger were driving up from Texas for the wedding with their five, I couldn't wait to tell the kids. They already knew that Aunt Mindy was coming, as well as baby Ruby who is still on the boob. But when I told them that the entire Churchill family was coming to Da Plains, they lost their minds with excitement.

Every day I answered them with how many sleeps were left.

From what I understand, Samuel was asking Mindy the same thing. Perhaps every five minutes instead of every day.

Their plan was to leave and drive over two days (it's like 20 hours, yo), and to stay with her parents when they arrived. Except... they left early. And arrived early. And she and I got to work with like, 24 hours to plan a COLOSSAL SLEEPOVER.

We had our Mexican dip planned via text the night before.

Bryon really had no idea what to do when I presented him with this information. "What do you mean, they're probably going to stay here? Like... HERE? Who all now?" He was amused, but equally confused.

"Yes, Love. Well, it's not so much probably and more like definitely. And it was just going to be Mindy and her three bigs but then we realized that wouldn't be as much fun and so now Roger and the whole clan are coming. And our 3. Plus us."

*blink, blink*   In our two bedroom house with the yet-unfinished basement.

"I'm not kidding," I said. "We know what we're doing. This will be loud and crazy and like a well-oiled machine. Just... go with it."

And then I started jumping up and down and he got all into it, too. I mean, he goes with the flow unlike anyone I have ever seen. Which is incredibly odd considering he and I are like two AA batteries.

What was I saying? Oh yes. Mindy called on Wednesday around lunchtime that she was ready to come over. Like immediately. Well, shit, Man - I hadn't done like 18 things on my list yet but you bet your butt I jumped in the shower and was ready before you could spell Batman. She knocked on the door.

I ran.

   [Did not fall.]

There was screaming.

Pretty sure the neighbors might have thought someone was being murdered or than an entire sorority house was camping out. Whatevs.

Within two hours the following individuals were in a knot in our house:

Mindy                 Rachel       
             Maddy        Sam       Titus
Bryon        Trevor             

It was like olden times. They was like peas and carrots again. Sorry, couldn't resist.

Even new baby Ruby was welcomed with open arms. And McDonalds play registers.

Trevor is seriously great with babies and toddlers. I pray that God grants him about a half dozen children. Not only because he deserves it, but because I want lots of grandbabies to hand back to him at the end of the day.

Meanwhile, elsewhere in the kitchen, I captured my two persons in the same frame. And I screamed - I'm not going to lie. LOVE.

It was a sleepover after all.

And like we have done so many times before, we dined together. Plus two new ones (that would be Bryon and Rubles).

And one of us showed off for his future wife. Hey, Trevor - if you keep being smug she's never going to agree to the half dozen children...

Then we put the littles to bed all wrapped and snarled up together, and allowed the bigs to pile up together to watch like, 11 movies and fall asleep all kinds of whatever-way. It was fabulous.

And lest you think that we are always entirely photogenic, I give you full proof to the contrary.

Us, not them.

It was good times.

And also LOUD.

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