March 31, 2011


It's the time of year when I want to clean out the closets like a motha'. In doing that, I uncovered a lot of things that have to go. Shrunken in the wash*, misshapen because they were cheap to begin with (Target tees are notorious for this), or too worn. It's time to replace with more updated, fresh things.

In all of my years loving JCrew, I never ordered from their other company, Madewell. Even when Alexa Chung started designing for them, I was still afraid it was too expensive. But this week when I realized I needed almost an entire new summer wardrobe, I decided to explore the Sale section. The Sale section and online promotions are the only way I can afford to shop to begin with, so it worked out!

I plan to wear all of these tops with my favorite ripped jeans until the weather breaks 70. Then, with the cutoffs I made from the $100 Buckle jeans I found at Savers for $12. SCORE. I really must go look for more of those.

Next up, his closet, and the closet racks, drawers, and heaps belonging to numbers 1, 2, 3, and 4 [that would be the children].

And Dear B: My how I love you. I love how thoughtful you are, how considerate. How you want to be everything I need. How you let me play with your eyelids and nose hair. I love you despite the fact that you sometimes forget to take my undryables* out of the laundry load before it goes into the dryer - and that they come out small enough for Hayley to wear. Love is unconditional and surpasses laundry accidents. And I further appreciate your agreement that whenever this happens, I can replace the item. Anything that allows shopping is good in my book. The fact that you DO laundry all the time - in fact, I have to fight to get in on that action - makes me love you one thousand-fold more. So, we're still best friends forever. Even if you keep shrinking my pants. 

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  1. haha! my husband used to shrink my stuff all. the. time. {I too am so grateful he's even doing laundry to begin with.} Now he's super, overly cautious and asks me about anything he's not sure of. It's cute.