March 8, 2011

I Promise To Make You Tomato Soup

I hope none of you mind these photo posts. They're too beautiful for me to look at alone. I have to share them! And if I don't share more than one post a day about the wedding, at this rate I won't get OFF of the wedding for another like, two weeks. Seriously. Can you put up with a little more wedding beauty? Just for a few more days?


You know, I drove to work the other morning (because we are waiting on a honeymoon) and realized that I was driving to work as a married woman. Huh. How about that. All driving down the interstate, married.

I quietly listened to Christian radio and worshipped as I drove. Hmmm. I'm married. It feels warm. Comfortable. Heavy in a very wonderful way. Like I've been given the biggest, best gift ever.


Loved as Christ loved the Church.

To this man that I promised to love and adore and obey (oh yes I did say that). I also promised to make him tomato soup whenever he asked.

And in addition to promising me to lead our family in Christ and in life, he also promised to try to understand my need for new shoes even if the closet is full of them already.

All photos in this post are by the uber talented Megan Bertsch of M.Linn Studios.

And Dear B: Thank you for orchestrating with me a wedding so amazingly us and so beautiful - it was far more perfect than anything I could have imagined. I got to wear my wedding boots! And I adore the fact that you, too wore wedding boots. I love that your boots were a gift from your late father. Wearing them was the easiest outfit decision you made, Babe! I love you forever. PS: Interested in 2nd base later? 


  1. I love seeing the gorgeous photos and reading about the wedding!! Please do continue to post!

  2. Personally I can never get enough of wedding photos especially when it is two people so incredibly in love like you two are! Keep them coming! Are there any reception photos?

    Thanks for sharing your special day with all of us.
    Lyn, St Paul, MN

  3. Lyn, stay tuned... they're coming; I promise! We didn't take nearly as many at the reception (plus our pro photographer was gone by then), but I'll be sharing what we have soon!


  4. Keep the beautiful wedding posts coming! Love it.

  5. Yes, keep sharing them - gorgeous!

  6. Wow! I was so excited at the end of February for ya'll! I knew ya'll were getting married but didn't think much else about it... sorry my life is getting WAY TOO BUSY to slow down. I really LOVE all of these pictures and it was a gift from GOD (the snow)! I have prayed and prayed for ya'lls life. God is going to bless you all more then you see fit... anyway... Keep the pics comin'.
    P.s: I also made a something to hold our special things... I made a shadow box for our children to see when they are older. To read our vows and know where they came from! But I think I mostly did it for me! Hehehe God Bless you 6! :)

  7. I really like the first picture. So serene and yet happy.