March 29, 2011

Loonicorns, Powder Puffs and Rainbows... That's What Little Girl Rooms Are Made Of

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(both already mine - banner pic by SparklePower)
Acme Homestead bunks 

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The girls' room is one that I am thrilled to decorate (with their input; don't you worry). Now that the framing is complete and the closet situated, we can see that the room really isn't big enough for two twin beds...anywhere... and still have some type of floorspace in which to play girl things. Like Polly Pockets or Barbies. Lord have mercy, the Barbies. Anyway, Bryon immediately suggested bunk beds and I have to admit, I was not on board at first. The room in my head didn't match bunk beds. And what about the edges of the twin sized quilts I am making; are they going to have to be tucked into non-existence? Should I re-plan? (Seriously - any tips there? Any bunk bed users have bed linen tips to make the top bunk NOT look like a hot mess all the time?)

Now I think the bunk beds are a necessity. Mabel will be on the bottom of course. I am now on the hunt for a style that will give their room the feel we want. Homemade 2x4's or Ikea aren't going to accomplish that. I wanted something older, with spindles perhaps. We'll see.

The girls and I discussed paint colors as well. More than once "rainbow" was mentioned but I rolled my eyes, not able to conceptualize what that could look like. Now? Holy business I MUST paint a wall like this one. And we have plenty of tu-tus and the like to hang up next to an old mirror as well.

The room was originally going to be Ash Violet by SW:

Now... I'm not sure. What about Possibly Pink instead?

Oh for the love of Pete, this is HARD! I did give up my pink kitchen in the old house and there is no chance in heck I'll be able to paint a shared room pink ever again... so maybe I should do it while I have the chance! The girls both love pink.

And this? MUST DO. Somewhere.

It's all very exciting.
Yes, the closet was a concern in their new room. We weren't sure we'd have the room to build a double closet, but it turns out that we did. Now each girl will have two shelves, two rods, and 2 cubbies apiece. While they are still little, we can use that extra room for books and TOYS. As in, the ones they manage to actually put away.  More to come as we plan!

PS: Mabel does not say "unicorn." She says "loonicorn" instead. And I let her.

Judy continues to do well. She is moving to her extended care facility today, we think. Please continue prayers for her strength and courage, and for her insurances to sort out whatever paperwork they need as well.

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