March 4, 2011

Our First Look

The notion of the bride and groom seeing one another before the wedding has become very popular. It's not something either one of us did before. I'm sure many couples do it for the photo ops (which are fantastic, by the way). But we wanted to do it for a different reason. We wanted the chance to touch one another, to talk before the ceremony. The moment to come back to where we started from - just God, Bryon, and me. We wanted to smile and stare into one another's eyes, to reground ourselves and feel each other breathing, both living the same excitement together.

The emotion was palpable.

The photographer spent a lot of time with Bryon, which I adore. She scooted him more and more away from the group so that our meeting would be alone. [Unless you count IT Jesus who was there with the videocamera, quietly capturing every.precious.second.] Bryon was all geeked up out there in the snow.

I was so anxious. So excited and fluttery. We'd texted and talked that morning, and I saw him from a distance - watched Megan scoot him over. But that was nothing compared to preparing myself to waltz out there and do what? Tap him on the shoulder? Cover his eyes? Say 'boo'? I couldn't settle on what to do.

I remember trying to get out of the car without covering the beautiful white taffeta of my dress with salt and sludge. It didn't work (smudges aplenty), but I didn't care. I literally stepped out into a winter wonderland.

Mindy was so worried I'd (be myself and) wipe out on the way to meet him. So, she and Joe stomped a path for me so I wouldn't fall. I love how they got me ready for him. [Trevor was poised for photography, Man!]

After we stepped up onto the meadow, Mindy let me go the rest alone. I slowly lifted my dress and walked in my wedding boots along the path Joe had set for me to his best friend. Megan stood in front of Bryon and shot the entire walk. IT Jesus hid in the trees, taping the crunch of the snow beneath our feet and our breathing. About ten feet behind Bryon, I stopped. Too much emotion; it had to come out some sort of way. So I jumped and flapped and shook my arms to rebalance. Which made me lose my balance. No worries, though. I stood back up on my own, and tapped his butt with the toe of my boot. And was he ever smiling when he turned to see me.

Those first two minutes were adorable. I'm not sure what all was said. I honestly think we discussed the weather! We giggled. We kissed. My heart thundered in my ears. We finally touched... and any kind of nervous energy melted away.

I love that Joe caught this shot of Bryon and I about a minute after we saw each other. I love that Megan is cautiously waiting (and snapping away) and that you can see IT Jesus is hidden in the forest there...

And, of course I love this one...



  1. I am so happy for you both sweetie, I know that God will continue to bless you and your lovely new blended family! Praise God for all His blessings!!!

  2. you really need to provide tissues with your blog posts! congratulations. I know you'll be happy.

  3. OH GIRL! I'm all weepy reading your posts!


    Cannot wait to see more.