March 16, 2011

The Reception (and Decor)

After the beautiful covenant ceremony outside in the snow, we did family pictures and Bryon remembered to take off his coat. We hustled back to the house with the kids and friends to change clothes (I alone had to remove two pair of thermal underwear, over the knee socks, and underarmor). I refixed my hair (ultimately the reason I chose to wear it wavy, by the way). I sewed the pickups that had ripped in my dress (that snow was deep, yo) - nothing serious.

The reception started at 5:30. It was still daylight...

White lights were strung around the room at varying lengths and added to ten paper dot garlands, hung randomly.

The centerpieces were assembled from craspedia (billy balls), bear grass, fern, white ranuncula, and white genestra. Glassware was vintage. Reserved table cards were handmade and sewn by Lulu and me.

Childhood photos were hung on vintage wooden clothespins throughout the rooms.

Hmmm... The Boys (missing only Dennis) look a bit different now, wouldn't you say?

Read more about our amazing first dance to Into The Mystic here.

Can I get a witness? Actually, can I just say that I am THRILLED that Mindy and Joe's names are forever on our documentation? LOVE.

Le sigh. See the cross on the ring? One of my favorite details. When we were ring shopping the one thing he wanted more than anything was a cross on his wedding band. God provided.

Trevor asked to make the first toast, which he wrote entirely himself on a small piece of notebook paper immediately after the ceremony. I'm going to keep the toast itself private for now, but it was a tear jerker, particularly for Bryon. Very touching. Believe me when I tell you, too, that the kid wasn't 1% nervous.

Joe's toast was also sweet. We love you, Man! You know, Bryon wasn't able to spend much time with The Boys until the past couple of years. Now, we are all actively involved with one another. It is a pleasure to be included in those friendships. Joe in particular has a very special place in my heart.

Shannon, we love you. Thanks for toasting to us! You guys have had so much fun together.

But Mindy's. Mindy's toast brought down the house. She didn't prepare or write anything down. It was scripted straight from her heart. She spoke about how much the two of us have endured as friends, including the immeasurable prayers sent to the big JC about Bryon before he even had a name. She asked Bryon to remember that I was God's gift to him... and she reminded me that Bryon was God's gift to me. Every day. I'm saying, there was not a dry eye in the house.

The cake is a memorable story in and of itself, which I will save for another day.


Remind me, too to tell you about his vest. God love that thing.

We had so much fun. We brought the house down dancing and the band - Too Drunk To Fish - was AH-MAZING. It helped that they knew most of us from previous shows. They took multiple requests, learned Jack Johnson for us, and played until the wee hours. Alice even came out!

It goes without saying that it was a night we will never forget.

Thanks so much for enduring and loving on all of my wedding posts. This pretty much wraps up the content of our big enormous day, which really just was the very first day of a more-important big, enormous life together. THAT is what getting married is about. But the day? It was more than I ever imagined a winter wedding in Da Plains could be!

And Dear B: Already life is testing us. They say that the first year of marriage is the hardest as you grow and navigate through life together. God is certainly handing us all kinds of things to navigate together already and I can tell you that everything feels different to me. There is a different firmness beneath us - that's the rock of Christ Jesus. I am not afraid. I am smiling. Thank you for being a light. For keeping my perspective. For enduring life beside me. For LIVING life beside me. Here's to making memories with new family!


  1. Best wedding I've ever been to...just sayin'. And you soon as I sat down I thought of a hundred other things I wanted to say to you and B. But, I think you know. You know I love you so very much. My "other" person ;)

  2. I know TX is a BIG state, but perhaps I can meet Mindy someday. Message me if she is anywhere near Houston.