March 8, 2011

The Ring Book

Different. New. With character. That's what we decided that we wanted long ago. Nothing similar to either of our weddings before. Every detail our own and bursting with personality. At the same time, we wanted to keep it fun and light.

I wanted to have something sentimental for our day, for our rings. A keepsake for us to treasure, something to hold onto and flip through at any moment. Inspired by an image from a wedding blog I do not remember and an image I can no longer find (trust me on this, I have spent hours searching), I made a book for our rings.

At one of my favorite local antique stores I found a hardcover book called (yes, really) The Understanding Heart. It was originally published in 1926 and cost me $1.95. Green, too!

I carefully removed the book cover from the spine and pages with an x-acto knife and then punched three holes through both the front and back covers with a Making Memories hammer punch: two holes to secure the new "spine" and one to tie it closed and hold our wedding bands. 

I tied the book together with strips of yellow scrap fabric that I have had for almost 10 years. I wonder if my heart knew it's ultimate purpose way back then?

Inside the book are our vows, postcards from friends (more to come on that), and some quick pages I put together to capture the birth of our love. 2010 in paper. Song lyrics, memories, scripture. Our premarital counseling notes (the session called Everyone Brings Baggage was particularly fruitful).

Closeups of the digital pages:

Our bands were held perfectly by the bow (until they were given to Joe just before the ceremony began). I love the cross on his... le sigh.

I am beyond thrilled with the finished project, which now rests on our bedside table. 

The above book photo by Megan Bertsch of M.Linn Studios.       

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  1. What a fantastic idea - so perfect and something you can treasure forever....still utterly overjoyed for you both!