March 30, 2011

Something For Judy Bovine

Several of you have asked me about sending Judy a card at her extended care facility. I am touched!

That would pretty much tickle the snot out of her, you know - to think she's famous because of my little ole blog. And the truth is, she needs all the encouragement she can get to get rehabilitated quickly!

Really, she would love it. ADORE it.

Now...I would never want to make you feel you needed to. And if you're not interested and only came here for more quilting patterns or stories of how I embarrass myself, you are welcome to check back tomorrow. But since more than one of you have asked me for this information, I am willing to give up her details. After all, you've been reading about Judy and Wing Duck Toe for a lot of years, too. I love that you care!

If you are interested in sending a card or note of encouragement to Judy as she recovers and therapizes after her big, major heart surgery last week, please email me at rachelkrutch at yahoo dot com or leave a comment on this post with your email.

And thank you in advance. God is amazing!

PS: Please be sure you tell her how you know of her... she's of a certain age you know; wouldn't want her to think she was being stalked by aliens or something. 

1 comment:

  1. For some unknown reason, I was not able to send you an e-mail. Anyway, I love the idea of sending a portcard to your mom!! Please tell me where I should send it to. How long will she be at the Care Center for? (it takes a while for post from Greece to arrive in the US).

    E-mail me at: malexopoulou at yahoo dot com