March 21, 2011

A Table To Seat 8

(This post was written before we left to be with Nana, just in case anyone wondered. Prayers needed for tomorrow's heart surgery. Big ones.)

For a very long time, I mourned the fact that I would never have a large family. Large as in BIG. I was an only child growing up; I definitively required a large brood of my own to mother. Well. For a very long time, it just wasn't going to happen.

For years - somewhere circa 2005 - I was content with my two young boys, but I did not feel "done." My exhusband felt done. We argued about it for years [family vs. $], all along a hole inside of my heart. In 2009, there was a shift (although temporary) in our house toward good and along came Miss Moo Rae. I was elated to have 3. Grateful. Blessed.

Still. Three does not a brood make. I guess that depends on who you ask, but I wanted four. Maybe 5 children. Except by this point I was divorced and better off for it, and alone. So I prayed. Became content and happy with my 3.

Then one day I met a beautiful cowboy who had a daughter of his own. And just like that... we were 6 peeps.

[Folks, I'm pretty sure we're done - like 99.9% - just in case your mind is going there.]

I am thrilled that I now have a large family. Large as in BIG.

As a result of the size of our brood, um... we can't so much fit at our dining room table anymore. We kept his, which can seat all of us if we use the bar stools, too. It's uncomfortable and tight, and not a joy for company.

I have begun to look for a dining room table to seat 8. Six would be fine with a leaf for two more. The dining room table has a hefty chore in our home, too. Not only will it need to be very scrubbable (hello Andrew and the blackberries he loves), it needs to be beautiful. A bit... funky. Traditional and modern. Also needs to fit into the space we have.

Here are some pictures I'm using for inspiration so far. We aren't sure if we want farmhouse, turned legs, repurposed, or homemade.


  1. Rachel, Check out this post I did forever ago, it is a table, chairs and bench with storage from Ikea. I had been admiring it since 2006 and finally got it last August. We are two peeps for now but it is so nice to have family over and all eat at the same table in the same room. Good luck on your quest!!!

  2. A few years ago the school I teach at was updating its old solid wooden tables for plastic ones. These old tables were huge; for 6 - 8 strapping teenagers to work at! So anyway for the bargin price of £10 I got hold of one.... covered in graffiti, paint and chewing gum stuck underneath (ugh!). It was a labour of love cleaning that table. My OH and I spent a long time with scrapers and sanders and wax and the like but it was so worth it! We now have the perfect kitchen table. We can squeeze 10 round it at a push (as long as people don't mind being a bit friendly!) I sew at it, the kids homework at it and family life revolves around it. Enjoy hunting for your table - it is out there waiting for you!

  3. Praying for your mom.

  4. ha~ you're an only child??? me too!!! another similarity!!

  5. I love number 3 and the second to last one.

    I've got a big oak farmhouse table that sits eight... But there is only two of us!

    I see you having a mis-match of all different chairs to show a bit of each persons personality - like Goldilocks and the three bears!

    Kat x

  6. Check out this site:
    There are table plans there, and you and B seem to be handy...make one together!

  7. The second one is my favorite. We have a big Amish one for our eight, but truly, it's not sturdy enough. The second one looks like it will hold up to anything.

  8. FYI - in my former life, when we occasionally had a table full of people, I found that an old piano bench came in real handy for additional seating. Easily tucks against a wall to display stuff or store things like placemats!

    And despite your comments, as one mom who wanted more to another, I hope that .1% makes just on "ours!"