March 18, 2011


(pronounced weirdo-MON-toe-bon)

I have called my second son this pet name since the day he popped out of me, screaming and alive. He looked like Elvis with his unruly, wavy sideburns. And the dimples. Freckles, too.

He smiled at a week old. A real one, I assure you. That's when I saw the dimples and knew I was in for it.

He will not do one single thing that he isn't ready to do on his own already, and don't you dare even ask him twice. Really. MULE. Prepare for immediate frustration. Best to work on making him want to do something instead of making him do the actual something.

He almost never gets in trouble at school, even for the excessive wiggling. All he has to do is smile.

Speaking of wiggling, he likes to do his schoolwork while standing. As in, in the classroom. His teacher accommodates.

He always has a boogery nose. No matter how I remind, how I try, how I carry tissues to wipe, it's there. Green and sticky. It's not an allergy thing. He's just not moved to clear out that thing on his face on a regular basis.

He likes to cover his head at all times. Blankets, stocking caps, whatever.

He is loud. LOUD, People. Social often. Quiet often. Yes both, often.

He still cries like he did when he was hours old. Makes the same face, too.

He sulks when he is upset.

He would wear UnderArmor every day of his life if we let him (and sometimes does).

He is goofier than a bedbug when he's happy (99% of the time).

He prefers to wear goggles and shorts. Like, to the grocery store and under his jeans, respectively.

He will gladly make a fool of himself if it gets a good laugh. This includes putting on a dress and farting at the dinner table.

He has the best rhythm of all of the kids. If I can afford it, he'll be in guitar lessons soon. He is a rockstar in the making.

He will be in braces soon, too. HOLY MOLY.

He still weighs 55 pounds. He is 8 1/2. He is HALF a ringer! Tall as the sun is bright, but a skinny little slick. Needs a size 10 pant for the length already, too - so thank goodness for elastic tabbed waists!

He will eat us out of home before too long. And no, he doesn't have a tapeworm.

His feet are very long. They look just like my father's.

He loves The Newsboys and The Killers.

He loves to read - on his terms. The kid reads at an 8th grade reading level, but he insists on reading comic book-type books. Wimpy Kid (his ultimate fave), Big Nate, etc. Fine. I make him read 75 minutes of them.

He is never first to play the Wii. Trevor always big brothers him into playing whatever he wants instead. 99% of the time, Andy is okay with that. When he's not, look out!

Favorite foods: berry PopTarts, donuts (snuck, at church), plain cheese pizza, and chocolate milk

He does not like soda pop.

He asks for 1,607 hugs every day. I often find him hanging on me, hanging on Bryon, hanging on Joe, or hanging on someone. Even Mabel. His wife will be very lucky one day. Assuming he learns how to blow his nose by then.

He goes by Roo. Andy. Drew. and Weirdomontobon.

I am proud that he is mine.

PS: I'd like to ask for your prayers. Judy is having surgery next week. It is serious, but controlled. The kids and I are driving back (B can't go!) on Sunday. Pray everything goes remarkably well, please - and that we make it there and back safely. Thank you!


  1. I'll be thinking of you! Prayers for Judy and safe travels.

  2. Your little man sounds very special, you're a lucky lady.

    Travel safe and I hope your mum will be ok. X

  3. This is one of the most beautiful post I've read in the two and a half years a have in blogland...

    It's wonderful to almost feel the love you have for your child... every word...and little detail have me imagining your face while writing ...

    God Bless you and your family...