May 16, 2011


Oh my yes... the spring in Da Plains is precarious. One day, 50 degrees. The next, 85 and 40mph winds.

Bryon and I are going to build a bricked firepit off of the patio when the deck and the pergola are built, but we wanted something portable in the meantime. It had to be heavy (or it would blow away) and it had to have an open top for roasting marshmallows!  

So on this Mother’s Day eve we did just that.

The kids played outside after dinner and Bryon built the fire. I watched and had my camera glued to my face. It was a great finish to a lovely day (one over 75 degrees!

Dear family of mine, I love you so. 


  1. I need to know, what are s'mores? I've heard a few people say it but I don't know what they are!

  2. Your hair looks great!

  3. ::Sigh:: Miss you..... :(