June 24, 2011

How About A Peek, Peeps?

Oh my, what a difference a day makes. Yesterday morning a drywaller interrupted my hair drying at 7am. He and his drywaller friends spiffed up our downstairs while we were at work yesterday. Just a little. *giggle* I'MSOEXCITED.

I posted these on Facebook last night for the kids to see, but you brave people have been waiting about as long as we have for this dang thing to get crackin', so here you go. A peek.

How about a corny blog tour instead of a peek?

Firstly, please allow me to say that we do not have a "basement" really. We call it the basement, but it's not one. It's a full walkout. The only area underground is about 2 feet in the front of the house (Trevor's room and a closet). The rest is ground level. If you're curious. Shoes might be, who knows? Anyway, on with it.

Coming downstairs from the upper level, you'd see this if you were at my house: the new family room. There is a gas fireplace in the corner, which will have a tv above it come Christmas. Trevor's room is off to the left, along with a large under-stairs storage closet for my sewin' and scrappin' needs (also our tornado shelter). There is also a patio door that leads to the backyard to the right (facing west).

At this moment, there was also a mother-in-law in our basement. Love her!

Assuming you went left into Trevor's room, this is what you would see. Trev, your bed will be to the right of this door and your closet will be to the left. This bedroom faces east, so that fits our early riser quite well.

Here you are, Trev... the inside (so far). Your bed is going to go over here...  There is the drywall that will go up today.

At this point in our tour, I would like to forget to take pictures of the laundry room and full bath. Mmm-kay? Please forgive me.

Next up - and at the other end of the house entirely - is the girls' room. Here, Daddy Bryon and my beautimus mother-in-law are looking at the backyard. The girls' twin bunks will be to Bryon's right and their double closet is that cut-out right there to Sharon's left. This room is in the northwest corner of our home, directly beneath the master bedroom. Can't wait to listen to their little girl conversations through the ventilation.

Upon leaving the little girls' room, you'd see this:

When we get home tonight, all of the drywall will be finished. They might even start mudding today if they have time. Otherwise, we're on schedule to mud Monday, tape and texture Tuesday. By next weekend we'll be painting!

I can't tell you how excited I am to buy paint this weekend. HOLLAH!

Also, I need to tell you that Bryon walked around the house last night with the silliest little smile upon his face. He mowed the yard with a grin. In all of his years trying to keep the house after his divorce, he never thought he'd ever see it finished off. We're doubling the size of our house. He has a REASON to double the size of his home and the ABILITY to do it. Praise God! We're so happy!


  1. yay! So exciting! Cannot wait to see it finished.

  2. So excited for you! I love painting too! I feel the need to change paint colors every few years just to renew the thrill and make everything look fresh and new!

    Can't wait to see the progress and finished product!