June 28, 2011

She's A Maniac, Maniac On The Course...

This past Saturday was just about the most beautiful day that could be. It was about 75 with just a smooth breeze and warm sunshine. Puffy, fluffy clouds overhead.

B and I (and Hales) spent some time cleaning the house in the morning and then she went with her mom for the rest of the day. Since the basement wasn't ready for paint yet, we were perplexed about what to do with our free afternoon. We talked about remaining plans for the house, oh yes. But then we went to the sporting goods store and got more golf shit.

It's an expensive hobby you know.

Off we went to one of Bryon's favorite courses - about 30 minutes from our house. This little country club was tucked in some softly rolling hills between a corn field and a cow pasture. I was in Heaven! God's music was super loud.

I can honestly say I've never ridden on a golf cart within hand's distance of a cow. Or corn, for that matter. But I can now!

My game started off relatively poopy; I am a beginner after all. But on hole 5, everything turned around. By hole 6, I did this with the first swing of my driver: (It's hard to see, but that's my pretty pink ball sitting 10 feet from the pin.)

The husband beamed with pride. On hole 7, I flashed him. Oh yes I did - hot pink push up right on the green, Baby.

Told you. Puffy, fluffy clouds.

After we played 9, we both hit such a stride that we considered playing another 9. But instead, we practiced chipping. Apparently I chop instead of ... whatever it is I'm supposed to do.

At least I look fantastic at it, though.

We drove home to share a shower because we had to meet some friends for dinner. When that place didn't show the UFC fights, we left to find a pool table and a jukebox. SCORE.

At some point on this evening, I updated my Facebook status with our picture and a friend immediately complimented the amount of time we spend together. It’s true, Bryon and I really do almost every thing together. Wake, drive, work, lunch, drive, cook, clean, eat, cuddle, golf, shower, sleep,… other stuff. All together. We’ve never been any different. Sure, we need and spend time apart – during the day at work, maybe a run alone in the evening or a shower alone in the morning. By and large though, we’re all up in each other’s face. I’m sure that will dissipate some, but I hope not much. He’s still the one person I want to tell about my day, my dreams, and my worries. I'm the same for him. He’s the man I play with and the man I pray with. It's awesome.


  1. your post always make me smile. I am so happy for you.

  2. I love this post. So great. I need to find a place like that (pool table and juke box) without all the smoke and with a crowd my age for me and my Bryan to hang out in!