June 23, 2011

Things I Love Thursday

1. Loving this giant dollhouse pillow from myCakies… wish I had the extra $.

2. It’s all I can do not to order these for the Moo. For the love of CUTE!

3. I continue to love everything this gal puts out. I haven’t bought anything yet, but mostly because I doubt how often I can make myself wear it. I’m not huge on jewelry, but I do love to look at these. Oh my.

4. This little guy is darling. From here.

5. I’m reconsidering chalkboards.  

6. I love the mix of vintage and modern.

7. Crafts in the little girls' room.

8. Strung lights outside.

9. Jennifer Aniston. She used to be my #1 favorite, but she’s slipped to #2 behind SJP. I still love her, her style, her independence, her quirky funniness. And her hair. Oh, her hair. ALWAYS her hair. 

10. Cozy outfits with scarves and boots, perfect for watching football games!

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