June 30, 2011

Things I Love Thursday

1. Roz paintings. This is so, so pretty. The little chapel reminds me of when I was little. Pinned.

2. Amazing chunky necklaces.  

3. The Daybook blog. Go, read her. She’s hilarious! LOVE.

4. Vintage bedsheets for the kiddos. Pinned.

5.  This shit is still the bomb - the ultimate holy-grail smoothing serum for me. Find it here. It is worth every single, solitary penny.

6. I have become obsessed with chunky jewelry. What’s the deal with that? I love this necklace. I’d wear it to bed or around a campfire on a Thursday. Pinned. My favorite source for jewelry p0rn is here: http://dulldiamond.bigcartel.com/products

7. Embroidering horses onto Mabel's quilt. 

8. Embroidering mermaids onto Hayley's quilt.

9. Learning new embroidery stitches!

10. Totally darling outfits, perfect for watching a junior football game. 

1 comment:

  1. I do like that outfit. Very nice. I have sandals like that though, and after about two hours, the lack of any support starts to wear on the feet. but they're cute.