June 22, 2011


First things first, I do have children reading this blog you know. My children. At least, I think Shoes lets them read the blog. Anyway, I HAVE A HOUSE UPDATE, YO. Last night we came home to find the fireplace permanently situated, wired/plumbed, and framed in the corner. The heating ducts were worked on. Today they are coming to finish all of the ventilation and put the insulation in the walls. Then tomorrow, the walls go up. As in, the rooms will be… rooms! They’ll have to hang on day 1, mud on day 2, and then come back to sand, etc. But we’ll be buying paint within a week! That makes me GLORIOUSLY happy.

I didn’t get to touch my new golf clubs this past weekend, on account of all the fishing. I’m hoping the rain lets up and we can squeeze in 9 holes this weekend. I only got two of my clubs dirty (the driver and the 8); I need to remedy that.

We got in the car to go to dinner last night and one of my favorite songs was on Christian radio. I spun that dial right up. Hayley knows the song and was already bopping along in the backseat while we waited for Homeboy to get in the car. He opened the door and said, “Oh, it’s Mercy Me!” LOVE HIM extra for recognizing that. Of course he went on to tell Hales how we saw them at LifeLight last year.

We plan on taking all 4 monkeys with us to LifeLight this year. Perhaps not every night (I do want a night with just him), but they need to go. They need to stand and hear the music that their soul already loves and see all those hands in the air in worship. Tons of people go to concerts… this isn’t just a concert. This is the holy spirit taking you over when you realize that you’re standing in the middle of a field with OVER ONE HUNDRED THOUSAND FOLLOWERS OF CHRIST. Right there with you. Where two or more are gathered? Jeesh… not even. How about where an entire city of people is gathered? HE IS THERE! All of which to say, we are looking forward to taking them. It’s going to be awesome. Did I tell you that Bryon and I are heading the event committee this year? Oh heck to the yes.

I weigh 4 pounds more than I did last year at this time, so says the work health fair. What is 4 pounds in the big scheme of things? Nothing. But it feels like 14 pounds and that makes me sad. I don’t care who you are or what size you are or aren’t… when you’re not feeling like you look your best (whatever that best is), it beats on your confidence a little. I did wear a bikini fishing last weekend, but I didn’t feel my best. Screw that. Time to run more!

I was very proud of myself this past weekend fishing. I didn’t goo out once. I baited all of my own hooks as well as half of Hayley’s (B did the other half). I did my stepmotherly duties and told her to suck up the squick and touch herself a worm. Which she did. Life is short! Have some courage! I was proud and so was she. I would have removed my own hooks from the fish, too, but B was there at the ready with the pliers. And some of the fish had stingers and teeth. I do sort of draw the line at stingers (the bullheads) and teeth (the walleye). We might go again this weekend. I want to take home a bucket full for a fish fry! [And hell to the YES I’ll be cleaning them right beside him. He’s told me this is pretty kick ass.]

My daddy and I used to unzip squirrels and rabbits in the back storage room of the little grocery store we owned in Southern Ohio when I was little. He’d open the skin and hold the legs, and I’d unzip the fur with a nice, tight ‘RIP.’ Sorry, did I just gross you out? HA! Should ask me about the time I watched a pig become dinner. PURITY, I’m telling you!

Bryon and I are toying with the idea of making some of the furniture needed for our house remodel (more to come on this). Primarily, the bunk beds – but also perhaps a coffee table, ottoman, and even the bar cabinet. Depends on what we find secondhand, too. PURITY. This is a new theme in my head. Can you tell? Look out, yo.

I cannot express to you the excitement building in me as I watch one by one by one, the things become changed and “ours” around our home. Bryon commented that he loved the new shower drain, which was repaired a couple of weeks ago. The toilet seat is also new (stained on the lid by… something “nobody” did… scowl). Soon, the remaining paint colors will be gone and things will be upgraded all over. Our room will belong to only us. Each of the children will have their own space that reflects their interests. Bryon’s never lived in a house as large as ours will be. It’s not huge by any means, but it makes me feel good to watch him loving how HUGE his family is now. He’s proud and that makes me incredibly happy.

He still laughs every time I do my Brit accent. He loves it. How cool is THAT?! I bring this up because last night he asked me, “Do you like BBC?” Right at that moment I had to grab the remote and switch to BBC right there and then and much to my delight, Keeping Up Appearances was just on. He watches me in awe, I tell you. When I really get going, it’s very convincing. I spent at least 10 minutes last night running through Harry Potter lines with Hales, just for funsies.
            “Mummy, have you seen my jumper?”  ---> Mummay, have you seen my jumpah?
            “Yes, Dear. It’s on the cat” ---> Yes, Deah. It’s ohn the cat.
As terrible as her accent was (I mean, she was no Maddy Churchill), she was still better than Trevor. She had her daddy rolling. HA.

Father’s Day was full of beautiful memories of Richard and Larry. Dead Dad’s Club isn’t any fun, but at least it’s something we both belong to and can understand together. And the fact that our dads were so similar – I mean, wow – really allows us to talk it up. I am grateful to have Bryon in this capacity.

I am eating baby carrots just now and I really, really wish I had some HyVee ranch dressing here, too. It’s our favorite at home. We’ve tried others but found that they are imposters! They only pretend to have real ranch flavor. Blah!

I wish we had one meeeeeelion dollars so that Bryon could make his outside dreams come true: an extension off the back (including 3 more feet of dining room space) to be made into a 3 season room/man cave (which he’s already invited me into!), a deck that stretches the full length of the house to our bedroom (with a new sliding door), deck boxes full of flowers and herbs, and steps down to a pergola with vining and beautiful landscaping. Beneath the deck and pergola: our hot tub, hammock, and space for eating outside. This would allow us to move the firepit and seating area out into the yard about 30 feet. I love this dream of his.

I was informed this morning that there are only a number of weeks left until college football season starts. Now, I’m not sure what’s going on or if the husband’s mind warp is working, but this made me a little excited. What’s the deal with that?! All of a sudden I want to tailgate a Huskers game. We’ll get our fix watching Trevor play this fall for the 5th-6th grade team, though, I have to tell you something. I’m a bit more nervous about the pile ups this time around. It is tackle football after all. Last year the ringer weight was 100 lbs (they don’t let ringers carry the ball for safety). Once you hit 5th grade, though, the ringer weight jumps up to 130. So what this means for my skinny kid is, he’s going to have several boys who weigh 129 pounds running at him with the ball and on top of him in a heap. HE WEIGHS 73 POUNDS. He is basically HALF a ringer. *Faints*

Confession: Because Hayley’s mother is not the do-it-yourself, homemade-over-storebought, green-thinking, etc type (no judgement there, just a statement), I feel the urge to really ramp that shit up. I think it has to do with making sure the child benefits from both sides and points of view. Then she can decide for herself. I feel like God is telling me to share this with her. All of the experiences I had – doing dishes on my granny’s picnic table under the clothesline (I’ll tell you that story one time; it’s a good’n.), hammering nails into the fence posts just because, creating and making mistakes with my own hands, collecting vintage wares for USE… that’s a little bit of wholesome that I can give this child. If just one time she decides to buy a vintage Pyrex bowl and put it to use instead of heading to Macy’s to spend $60 on a new glass bowl, I’ll have done my job. It’s a manner of thinking that is not necessarily better, just different. I want her to have both options. Having both will help her to understand her stepmother, too. Society wants us to have MORE, but really, we don’t need it.

Quilt status stands thus: boys’ quilts are ready for binding. They are not yet in my possession, but will be picked up yet this week. At that time, I’ll be ready to drop off Mabel’s (almost done – just a few more things to embroider yet) and start on Hayley’s. The embroidery takes longer than binding, so my plan is to start on Hayley’s embroidery before binding the boys’ quilts. I want all 4 of them done when the kids get back. Then I’m going to present all 4 at once. I can’t wait!

I have some ideas for my next quilting project. I absolutely love this darling (and WHITE!) hand-embroidered quilt. I’m inspired to do one for our living room.

I know I told all of you lovely people that Hayley and I bought some fabric for little girl skirts. That is very much true. But I have been lazy and lacking in motivation lately (as I have lamented and complained about to you… sosorryabouthat) and have not worked on them. I suppose I should because she’s salivating over these HANDMADE wares. Purity and all. Right. RIGHT. Maybe while lying in bed tonight.

In the forefront of my mind right now: Trevor’s toothy grin, Andy’s long hair, and Mabel’s silly faces. The missing is growing stronger.

I got Bryon this book for Father’s Day (and he brought it to work with him today!):

And Dear B: You moved mountains in my soul last night at bedtime. Thank you for cuddling with me on the couch and watching our show. Thanks for explaining what was on your mind. I might not understand it but I respect you for it. I especially love two items from last evening. #1 was when you grabbed for my hand (which was behind my head with my elbow bendy and all sharp-like) and held and kissed it close to your chin for lots of long minutes. #2 was when we crawled into our yummy bed and pulled up the favorite quilt over our shoulders. You put your forehead to mine on purpose, reached into my hair and grabbed the back of my head and held me to your face. You looked into my eyes and said, “I love you” in a different way. I love that way! Mountains were moved, it was so meaningful. I fail to have the words to tell you how much I love you. More and more every stinkin’ day.

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