June 29, 2011


There is so much to tell you today that I’m not sure where to begin or how linear this post will or will not be. Actually, that was kind of funny. You all know I never write in a straight line. Oh well, giddy up!

Last night we arrived home to find a hole cut above the new fireplace. This hole was because the builder forgot to include an outlet/cable/HDMI spot for the television on that wall. Oops! That will be re-drywalled today. I am told that the second layer of mud will go up and the entire downstairs will be sanded today. Texture comes tomorrow, I believe. Then – paint! I need to buy TEN GALLONS of paint, yo. That doesn’t even include primer. I’m so excited I can’t see straight.

Would you like to see the color palette for the basement? [see if you can guess which one is the girls' room]

I wore a favorite dress to work today and while I love it, it can be revealing if I lean over too far. I’m doing my best to keep my tits in my top, I promise. [Lord, I think I just had a Bridget Jones flashback.] I have a complex about this because a production worker here at the factory commented on this dress the last time I wore it. He was relatively polite (and entirely harmless), but I’d like for nobody but my husband to stare at me. Yucko.

For dinner tonight we’re having leftovers. BBQ chicken legs from Monday and nachos from last night. Works for me, considering I MUST work on Mabel’s embroidery tonight. I’m about 75% done with the embroidery on her quilt top. Just a bit more to go. About 4 hours worth, I’d say – maybe a bit less. Unless of course I find my Wee Wonderfuls patterns and somehow use them to mock up a horse/unicorn or a mermaid. Just sayin’.

I am searching for artwork on Etsy. I’d like a piece in the bedroom and another in the living room. Something painted and pastoral, I think.

We’re not an all-photo family, though that is what is hanging in our home right now. I want to mix it up! Did I already tell you that Bryon never had anything on his walls to speak of – ever – until I moved in? A mirror or two, but that was it. Good thing he married a photographer, right?! I’ve already got a list of photos to print to change up some of the framed pieces. It’s so fun to update them. I always store the old photos in the frames, too.

What do you people think about young girls wearing bikinis? I’m talking girls that are say, 8-14 years old. I’m on the fence. I’m okay with it when they are little babies… but when they get older, I get a little weirded out by it. I don’t think it’s appropriate for a 10 year old to wear one. Or a 13 year old. They’re too gawky and innocent and… DEVELOPING. The boys that age are walking hornballs… not to mention protecting a child’s virtue and creepo perverts and things. I feel better once they are older again – more mindful of their bodies and keeping their parts covered up. Modesty must survive! I’m worried about this because Hales is a bikini girl. In a couple of years, we might have to shut that down for a while. What say you, readers?

Black beans are my favorite. Black beans with avocado. Scratch that; that is Runner Up. My favorite is an avocado and garden green tomato sandwich with Dimock cheddar cheese, grated. Pardon me for a moment as my eyes roll back into my head from deliciousness.

The husband likes sweets more than I do. There, I said it.

I am a little exhilarated at the thought of painting this weekend. I’m a very good and very fast painter – did you know? Am. My record is 2 rooms in one day – primer + 2 coats, and that includes the wait in between coats. It’s all about air movement and timing. I really want to see if I can crank this basement out in one weekend. I might let Husband help me (*wink*) so that should help things. He’s promised to do ceilings, which is great. I can’t stop thinking about it. I’m ready to go get all of my supplies. I want to start NOW but you know, we have to wait for them to actually finish the dang thing. Sigh.


  1. AnonymousJune 29, 2011

    My vote in no bikini, for the same reasons that you stated

  2. You'll have to start working with the blind if you think guys won't look! Just being NICE to men gets them thinking all wrong!

    If you have a cute dress, wear and feel good about yourself!

    I'd come over to help paint, but Pensacola is really a long way from SD. Have fun!

  3. I have five girls and none of us do bikinis at any age. I find it's easier to start teaching modesty and our family's expectations from the beginning. That said, modesty is not something I have always embraced as I do now and I know a lot of women who have stricter standards than we do so it's something I often turn over to my husband. I'll often tell my 16 year old to go ask dad about the length of her shorts for example because "It's his job to protect you and he knows boys better than I do".
    A male latino friend of mine in grad school commented to me once that he finds women in one pieces so much more sexier than bikinis because there's so much more left to the imagination. Interesting point.
    Then there's the fact that every single girl is wearing a bikini these days. The girl in the modest one piece is now the one who will turn heads simply for daring to be different.
    Good luck whatever you decide. Raising daughters to be godly women is definitely a challenge!!

  4. I'm with Alice. Start young, and you won't be "taking something away" later.
    As for the dress... good for you! Men do 'look' even if they don't want to. G-d made them that way and it's wonderful. We need to cover that which we reserve for our husbands.