July 12, 2011

For The Bedroom

Photos from DesignSponge

photo from Apartment Therapy

Headboard from renofurniture.com

Apartment Therapy

Herman Miller

We have lots to do in our room. And I can't wait to paint his ex right out of there. It's one of the only rooms left that she had any part to do with and honestly, I need her gone. Sorry, but I need to own it. Her time has passed.

So, grey walls to begin with. Dovetail, by SW to be specific. Vintage white curtains (already found at a local thrift) and white sheers, and a white headboard, at minimum. Lots of quilts on the bed, with white and vintage masculine linens. We're still not sure about artwork or photography on the walls, but time will play that out. I'm leaning more toward artwork, be he's gotta pick that out. I'd like to reorganize my closet, too (as you can tell). Primarily I am thrilled that we won't need the extra dressers that are shoved in there once the basement is finished. I'm not sure what it will feel like to be able to walk around the room without running into something.

We are at a carpet precipice today. Either we order it to have it installed next week and THEN move furniture... or we wait and save our pennies and move furniture onto the concrete tomorrow (and then move it again when the carpet is ordered). Hmmm...

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