July 1, 2011

Loving Ana White

A friend and blog reader recently gave me a website to stalk. Have you all heard of Ana White? She's a mom, a "girly-girl" - and she builds her own furniture. She's not the first, I'm sure. But I like her website and the way her instructions are laid out. I don't feel intimidated reading them.

This is my way of warning you that you'll be seeing Ana a lot around here. Especially since Bryon peeked over my shoulder the other night as I was perusing bunk bed instructions and proclaimed himself the official handyman of any of the things I want to build. (Duh, like I wasn't going to hire him anyway.) 

Found from Ana:


And also, this:

Between these and the handmade padded headboard, Homes and I will be all set.


  1. IKR?! I've stalked her forever. I haven't tried anything yet, but my sweet hubs says when I'm ready we will try what I want. I'm not a power tool girl. Yet. Anywho...I'm thinking a bench for the entryway will our project in the fall. Too dang hot to think about it right now. Besides we are re-doing my son's disaster of a bathroom starting next weekend. :) Have a great weekend!

  2. Wow - new to me! Thanks - now off to show the Hubby so he can build us a picnic table :-)