July 19, 2011

Same Girl

Thank you all for forgiving me for dropping off of the face of the planet this past week. Bryon and I really hit the home stuff hard (4 days, yo!) and at the same time began dealing with some new issues that are very time-consuming. Top that with work's explosion of crap and well, there you have it. Something had to go and the blog suffered for a few days. But I'm back with good, juicy love story.

Two nights ago, Bryon and I went to bed early. We went to bed early because we'd spent the ENTIRE weekend sanding, priming, and painting the master bedroom as well as Andy's room (plus some touch ups at the foot of the stairs that took a while), moving the furniture out and then in for each, and cleaning the carpets. How about some grainy phone pictures to give you an idea of the upheaval?

[us, going night-night on Trevor's full bed in the living room while paint and carpet dried]
 We also brought home tile for the patio door, cut the cat out of the furnace twice (nope, not kidding), and cleaned the house top to bottom. We're kinda OCD with shit like that. Anyway, we outright collapsed in our new room (which is not yet fully decorated, but I'll give you a sneak peek)...

By this time it was dark and he was on his side of the bed doing his own thing (arm outstretched to rub mine) and me embroidering Mabel's quilt top (because-holy-shit-this-thing-needs-to-be-done-already) and soaking in some tube.

It was then that he declared it was time for Jack.

Now, declaring time for Jack means a certain thing for my hunky dunky, if you care. It means Bryon is in a retrospective mood. Neal Diamond means a walk down memory lane, but Jack... Jack is what he listens to when his soul is being lyrical. He thinks of how far he's come since his divorce, how wishful he was to find love again, and now how happy he is. So, I love these Jack moments. They heal him and make him who he is. They remind him of how great our God is. And they always make him grateful for moi.

He inserted his iPod earbuds and turned up the volume. In fact, I had to increase the volume on The Golden Girls (yes, my husband allows me to watch The Golden Girls in bed) to even hear Sophia say 'howler monkeys' because Jack was so loud. But I didn't mind really.

And then I noticed the same song playing again and again. He had his eyes closed and he was smiling.

If you could read my mind
you'd say, "Baby you were right
and I don't want to fight anymore."
You're usually righter than I am
and I'm not a very good fighter,
am I? No neither are you.
So let's be through with this one.
Because some things never change.

I know you're still my same girl,
who builds her own frames
for the pictures that she paints
of the lights in Monterey,
coming across the bay.
Right back to my same girl.

How can you be so calm,
when the truth is that sometimes
we live in the eye of the storm?
With everything going on around us,
I feel comfort in the sounds when you say
It will be okay,
like a star guiding me
to the light of the day.
The doldrums could follow me...

But not with my same girl,
who builds her own frames
for the pictures that she paints
of the lights in Monterey,
coming across the bay.
Right back to my same girl.

He rolled over all glisteny eyes and rubbed my arm again. He was still smiling. He took out an earbud.

"You know, I used to listen to Jack on my way to work every morning. My marriage was over and Jack brought me back." Then he rolled onto his back and stared at the ceiling. "This is my favorite Jack song. I keep coming back to it. There's something about it. It's about a man and woman having their first fight." Still smiling. I started thinking about the stupid things we've argued about so far and how I love to make up. Then I was smiling, too.

"I always thought about what she would look like, how she'd be, this girl. I mean I was alone and driving to work thinking about her. I knew I wanted someone like the girl in this song," he said.
Still smiling.
[she] builds her own frames for the pictures that she paints (my translation: she does shit her own way at all times)

I feel comfort in the sounds when you say it will be okay, like a star guiding me to the light of the day

"It's kind of weird when I listen to it now," he said. When I asked why he simply smiled and reached out for me again. His finger traced my elbow. "Because now you're here."


  1. Definitely missed your updates. You are the only fellow blogger I know who posts as often as I do :)
    I checked out the song you posted the lyrics to. I wasn't quite sure who "Jack" was but was pleasantly surprised to find out. Our family knows him from Curious George but I purchased another one of his albums on itunes and we will be sure to check it out.
    Congrats on the house stuff! So exciting.

  2. Thanks for the tears in the corner of my eyes and the goosebumps! You two are so awesome! :-D

  3. Lookin' good. I dropped off facebook for a while, but you know how to reach me. I gotta find "Jack."

  4. Such a great post! I love the love you two have for each other and for God. It is so good to be swimming in this kind of love!!!!

    I love the colours of your bedroom too. Love love love...

    I miss seeing your face. Would it is possible to post more pictures, please :)))))

  5. oh, sigh. I love how you write!