July 22, 2011

T Minus 1 Day

What a crappy blog writer I've been lately, but I really have been at the height of distraction. I took the day off of work so that someone could babysit the dudes who are here laying carpet as we speak.

As I write.


I wonder if they believe in Jesus. I wonder what they think of the bible verses they are bound to read as they cover them up. God only knows, I guess. I kind of like that. Our house has tattoos!

B and I talked a lot last night about the kids. We wondered what the transition will be like. We missed all 3 of them so much and I know - regardless of whether or not they'll admit it, they missed is, too. It's going to be different than last year. This year was longer. And they are older with greater expectations. And they're coming back home to a full, cohesive family with an active dad.

B wants to spend time with each one of them. Re-dad them. Rub his love all over them... Football with Trevor. Tickled and music with Andy. Funny faces with Moo. Warms my heart!

Last night before bed, Bryon and I went outside in the dark and laid on the slide in the backyard. He grabbed my hand and pulled me out there to star gaze with him. As we laid there, my back to his front, he talked about Jesus. Yesterday was men's bible study and Jesus had been talking to him all day long. I love that!

Please pray for us as we journey to Iowa to get them this weekend. Pray for our transition back to 6.

Thank you, Friends!


  1. I heart your family!! Those bible versus brought tears to my eyes as I thought of the little feet that will be walking on them and that are growing in a strong foundation of the Lord!

  2. I'm so glad the time is over and you will be 6 again! God is so good to you and your family. No matter the challenges you will face re-integrating - I know that you & Bryon will depend on God for all things. That is awesome and so awe inspiring!!

    Praying for you and this trip. Can't wait to see pictures!