July 7, 2011

Things I Love Thursday

1. HIM. I am absolutely twitterpated, addlepated, confiscated, and entranced by my husband. He makes me a better me and begs me to do the same to him. He makes me hold him accountable. He is proud to be the leader of our family and considers me his equal. I am so in love with him. BLESSED.

2. Lonny Magazine. Wish I had more time to go through it!  

3. Vintage headboards.  

4. I’m waiting for these to come up in 24”x24”… still waiting. Etsy find.

5. This darling mod desk lamp. It wants to be in our house so, so badly. But he’s going to have to wait and see if I already have 2 lamps in storage on the loft. If not, he’s mine! Or… Trevor’s rather. Etsy find.

6. Retro lighting.

7. Loving kids rooms with paint colors, lines, and unique beds. 

8. Being able to hang unusual things in our house.

9.  dullDiamond love. 

10. Vintage jeans.

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