July 28, 2011

Things I Love Thursday

1. My blog. Thank you for reading and commenting and supporting. Thank you for understanding that I am human and flawed and ALSO a Christian. Thank you for understanding that not all details are shared with you, and for supporting anyway.

2. I'm not really into Blythe dolls... what I am into is this adorable Ikea expedit shelving with mini doll house squares! Pinned.

3. I want to grocery shop in this outfit. Not saying I can or ever could, but I wanna. Pinned.

4. Crab croquettes? Yes, please. I have the desire to perfect my ability to cook seafood. Pinned.

5.  Ohhhh, pantry love. How I wish I had the space. Pinned.

6. Perfect outfit. Pinned.

7. Bring on the crock pot! See #9 below. Pinned.

8. Cute! Pinned.

9. Couple things I love about this. First, it has me looking foward to Fall. I'm almost ready to say goodbye to the 113 degree days and welcome the brisk mornings, scarves & knee boots, and delicious leather bags. Pinned.

10. I'd very much like another tattoo, but where?  A Bible verse or cross is likely. Or a 4th bird. Maybe both! Fun to think about. I LOVE this one. Pinned.


  1. Love your blog, your willingness to share your life and your faith in God:) Happy Friday.

  2. I pinned that pantry as well a couple of weeks ago! Love it! Love those blue shoes as well!x

  3. Not sure I understand the 'pinned' thing, but that pantry has me drooling. In fact, I can get into ALL your *loves* this week. thanks for sharing. :)