July 5, 2011


I'm surprised I can type, honestly. Well, I'm pretty bad-assed, so maybe I'm not surprised.

Either way, I'm certain I inhaled too many VOCs this weekend, despite my use of proper, low-VOC paint (Duration Home by SW) and good ventilation. Also, the primer was NOT low-VOC, I can tell you that! Now I've confused myself.

My point was, Hubs and I cranked it out this weekend, yo. Thoroughly took advantage of the long weekend.

Yeah, ouch. There are 6 blisters on my right hand and 3 on my left. There are two very small, short walls in the bathroom that need a second coat - 5 minutes work tonight, tops. Aside from that?


With painting anyway.

This week, we wash the cement floors* and meet with the builder about trim, doors, and closets. We buy the wall sconces, tile, and door handles. Install the fireplace cover and make 30 more lists. Then next weekend, we'll move furniture and start painting Andy's room and the master upstairs.

There is so much to do yet, but we are excited.

In the car this morning Bryon said to me, "19 days until they come home!" He's so excited. And so am I!

*Carpet will be pricey and we want to pay for it in cash. We will get through with rugs until the fall.

And Dear B: Thank you for painting with me. Thanks for working all day on Saturday in a 120 degree brazing oven and then coming home and painting for hours more, just to help me. Thanks for sharing the load yesterday, too. We really knocked this out TOGETHER. You are really a rockstar husband. I am so blessed to call you mine. Thanks for all the fireworks this weekend!

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  1. Good work! Love, love, LOVE the gray living room walls!

    Picture 2 is freaking me out! What is that? Its like one of my nightmares with the shrinking hallway!