July 6, 2011


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We did paint the entire weekend, it’s true. But we also managed to make time to have some fun with friends in celbration of the 4th.

Yes. I am the tallest girl by a mile. Stoop much? Jeesh!

The Boys! (a.k.a. the flipflop gang)

Uhhh... can you tell who the newlyweds are?

Yep, that's right. WE'S BE THE NEWLYWEDS.

The list of things to do at the house is growing. We do keep trying to cross off as we go along, though. We were at Target last night and picked up a full bedskirt (I haven’t been able to find a plain white BOYISH one at Savers, etc and I’ve looked for months) and new pillows for everyone. Pillows are not something I buy secondhand. Ick. Anyway, those are stored away for next week when the furniture is moved around. Tonight I’m going to finish the one remaining coat in the bathroom (seriously 5 minutes) and touch up anything else that shows need now that everything is dry-dry. Then if I have any energy left, I’m going to start cleaning the cement floor.

I have a plan for the cement floor. We’re still going to cover it with carpet, but I want to write Bible verses on it first. Does that make me a whacko? If it does, then so be it. It’s something small that popped into my head months ago when we moved in and laid out the plans. It will be covered with carpet absolutely… but underneath there in every room, will be the Word. The Word living with and blessing the kids and our family while we’re down there. A FOUNDATION OF HIS WORD. I can’t wait to do this. Just me and a Sharpie going to town. Bryon’s going to add his favorite verses, too. Wonder which one of us will get Joshua 1:9 down first?!

I was informed late last week (too late, mind you) that Hayley did not so much like the paint color I’d chosen for the girls’ room. We’ve been talking about it for months and certainly have had a rainbow of choices, but Bryon left it to me to take what the girls were saying (purple, pink, pink, red, orange, rainbow, purple, hot pink, green, turquoise, white, pink, purple, GLITTER) and condense that down into an actual decision. I took into account the items that we are going to put into the room, the overall feel for the room (more on this in a sec), and the overall look of our home when deciding. In the end I went with the lightest pink shade I could find (Possibly Pink by SW). On the paint chip, it looks almost white against its hot pink cousins. This upset Hayley and she wanted to make sure I knew it. But, her dad and I took a deep breath and painted anyway. Now? She loves it. Ahhh yes, I thought so.

With respect to the girls room: yes, it is THEIR room. Yes, they have favorites and opinions and their own individual tastes. I most certainly am taking those into consideration. But what we will NOT have is a snobby, gluttonous, society or money-driven, glitzy, braggy, or COOL kids room. No way. There will be no Disney Channel barf in their room. There will not be a themed room decked out from Pottery Barn. There will not be ‘all shiny and new and the same as our friends down the street. NO WAY. What there WILL be is individuality. A mix of old and new. Character and history - vintage curtains, for example. There will be Mabel’s love for horses and Hayley’s love for drawing. The quilts I am making for both of them instead of duvet covers from The Land of Nod. There will be dress up and dolls and legos for building. Art on the walls that reminds them that they are unique and loved – NOT Hanna Montana and Selena Gomez. I’m not saying those things will never have a place or that they are a wrong choice for anyone else, but I am saying that right now, in a room for our 6 and 3 year olds, that answer is NO. Those things are not the message we want to teach them.

Hayley was picked up last night wearing a bra and sporting a butterfly rub-on tattoo on the small of her back. She was proud, oh boy was she ever. Dad and I both died a little inside; where was our 6 year old? I cannot write anything more about this here because my snark would be disrespectful. But I am underlying pissed that this is going to be an issue going forward and would like some prayer please.  


I am ready for back-to-school shopping. Did I tell you? Oh hell to the score this weekend, yo. Right before I started painting Saturday morning, I quick ran to Savers to drop off a bag of somethingorother. I noticed the huge ‘50% off everything in the store’ signs and went inside. I found 4 pair of jeans for Trevor, 3 for Andy, and 1 each for Moo and Hales – every one of them nearly brand new. I think I paid about $20 for all 9 pairs.

I have a golf itch and it’s growing. I’m not sure if there will be time over the next two weeks, but I really hope there is. I’d love to go back to our new favorite course to see some cows and flash my husband. Did I mention how much privacy there is on each fairway? Who’s going to be uncomfortable if I lift my shirt… a Holstein?

Last night I stared at B while he fell asleep. I didn’t intend on it and it sounds sort of creepy typed out like that, but we had been talking, said our prayers, and then I glanced up and he was out. I just watched him breathe for a few moments. Stared at his Russian eyebrows. It was so peaceful. It gave me a great opportunity to tell God ‘thank you’ for him again. I prayed for his day today.


  1. Bryon is a Gators fan? I like him even more!

    Hang in there, girl, with the ex-wife thing. It is a TOUGH row to hoe. A slippery slope. I know whereof I speak. I will pray for you all.

    The only advice I CAN give is that you and Bryon have what seems to be the key ingredient: a united front.

  2. I loooove the pictures!!! You two look so good together, so happy and so in love. Thank you for sharing.

  3. AMEN on the room... I can't wait to see how yours turns out! I am contemplating and planning A's "big girl" room. (She's also 3 and definitely getting too tall for her toddler bed). I'm cutting pieces for her quilt and dreaming up all the other fun details!
    And AMEN to girl's body image...it's such a tricky thing isn't it. Not looking forward to that part of her growing up.