July 14, 2011

What Day Is It?

I am dying this week, swamped with work and house stuff in big prep for the kids coming home NEXT weekend, yo. Not too soon in my opinion. Mabel called me last night and asked me 3 times if I was on my way to come pick her up. I know she’s having fun, but she is ready to come home to Mama and Daddy Bryon! We’ll take her (and the other two, happily)!

Too much cappuccino yesterday had my blood boiling at a crusty coworker, who has such a sad and boring life that she must find ways to make mine unpleasant [plus the lives of dang near everyone in this facility; I am not special to her]. She is an auditor here and has given me specific directions on how to do something, only to change them as it suits her mood and then tattle to the big boss about my doing them the first way. She cries and whines as though someone’s killed her cat (because she has no joy in her life and needs constant validation that her life has purpose), but it makes me look like I’m being difficult on purpose. Damn it – if I’m going to be difficult on purpose, I find a much better reason and a much better way to be difficult on purpose! She’s never SEEN difficult on purpose! I hope the big boss sees her as a big stupid-head. Or a crusty, cranky bitch. Either way is fine with me. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’ll have to go pray about that.

Last night was all about the carpet. It was ordered and will be laid next week. Furniture in the hours after that by lovely coworkers.


Please forgive me if the blog is out of joint this week. In the meantime, enjoy the loverly quilt that Mindy made for me! I found this picture and it makes me miss her. MWAH.

(photo by Lulu)

On par for the rest of the weekend:

Call builder to arrange registers, lightswitches/outlets, can lights, thermostat. Ask for price on closets ONLY.

Correct overhang area/paint in family room (from tape line)
Buy lumber according to instructions for bunk bed
Pick out duraceramic for bathroom
Pick out tile for area in front of patio door
LAY tile in front of patio door
Put fireplace cover on
Confirm some auto work
Have oil changed
Write verses on floor
Paint end of stairs? – Need custom color – is there any left? SW
Wash full size sheets for trevor’s bed



  1. LOL! Don't punch the beehive! Not worth it. Ask her to email you the correct instructions so you can be "certain to do it correctly". It never hurts to have backup evidence. And ask for it very sweetly. She should get the message. Unless there is a policy and procedure manual that you can whip out and show her that you were only following company policy. There always seems to be a "BEE" in every workplace.

  2. *LOVE* that quilt!!

    and Pam's right. :)

  3. haha! We all have co-workers like that, don't we?