August 31, 2011

It's LifeLight Week

Folks, I hope you will forgive my absence from this space this week, but it is the week of the LifeLight music festival. Bryon and I have been working on it for weeks.... And now we are here! The largest Christian music festival... 300,000 people strong.

Please pray for us. Please. Let the harvest be big. Most of all, let God be glorified with this celebration and gathering of people. I cant wait to hear the music start!


August 29, 2011

#4 Is a Force

She is determined. Stands up for herself.

Is suddenly tall and lanky.

She fears NOTHING (except the dark). She's got her swagger back, yo.

Loves being dirty and playing hard.

Initiates wrestling.

Has both grace AND rhythm.

Prefers NOT to have matchy clothing. 
Her love is as loud as a train engine.

August 26, 2011

This One (#3)

Loves theatrics. Fancy things. Makeup and big-girl stuff. Sweets.

Dislikes being dirty.

More ladylike than Moo.

Has the grace of an (little) elephant.

Is not quiet.

Can finally hold her own wrestling. Most of the time (however see above about theatrics and grace).

Still gives love as soft as a puppy lick.

Things I Love Thursday

1. My hump day husband (which turned into Hump Day Thursday and Friday morning if you care). He allowed me to lie in bed last night and stick my finger in his nose. He was concentrating on a television show and I wanted attention (isn’t that what YOU do when you want attention?). I also flapped his upper eyelid skin and tickled feet. It worked.

2. Eames chairs.

3. I really like booties. I don’t have any booties; I love the wedge heel and the idea of wearing something like this in the early part of fall when it’s too warm yet to wear full length boots.  

4. Skinny jeans. I can admit it.

5. Embroidery floss storage ideas.

6. OPI Bubble Bath. It’s a peachy-pink.  

7. Now I want to let Mabel’s hair grow out so I can rig her hair up.

8. I wish my hair would grow faster. I would LOVE that.

9. Awesome bangles. Via Etsy seller Leatherwraps.

10. I love this bracelet. Via Etsy seller Ohjustjess.

PS: My hair came out beautifully! There was no 2nd Caper.

And Dear B: Thank you for letting me flap your lids and pick your nose and otherwise molest you just for giggles. It’s part of the fun of being married to me. HAPPY SIX MONTHIVERSARY, BABY! You have the most adorable ring toes I’ve ever seen.

August 24, 2011


Hump day, yo. I sent an email to my husband this morning that went something like this:

In observance of our calendar, I am inviting you to celebrate Hump Day. Hump Day is a time-honored tradition designed to encourage people who work too hard to take a break in the middle of the week, get naked, and roll around with each other. This increases endorphins and serotonin (that’s required for happiness, did you know?), and DECREASES cortisol (produced from stress). Hump Day was designed for your health! Props are encouraged but not necessary. Libations will be shared in order to loosen inhibitions and remove any shoulder chips and worries ahead of time. Music should be included, particularly Warrant or Def Leppard. Please consider attending a celebration of Hump Day today!

It’s just the kind of wife I am. He accepted my invitation, if you're curious.

Trevor’s first official game was a victory! He had an amazing tackle, too, so he was very proud. Andy was excited because their previous school team was playing on the field right next to us (we have a junior football complex here in town that has 4 regulation fields in one enormous park) and he got to walk over and visit with all of his friends – very cool! #4 was very fidgety. Very. Did I already say very?

LifeLight is 8 days away. My goodness there is so much to do yet. I think I’ve mentioned before that Bryon and I are chairing the committee for our work event. We host hundreds of employees at a sponsor tent on LifeLight grounds. It’s awesome but there are a million things left to do! Please pray for peace and brevity as we clip through our list of to-do’s this week and next.

Why is it that I ALWAYS wear these dang cheap nude heels from Target on Wednesdays? I am always complaining about them. I should shut up already. Sorry!

Mabel doesn’t nap, she rests her mouth. Just ask her!

I am hungry for tater tot hot dish. That’s on my list for this weekend, provided it’s not super hot outside. We had a nice wave of 75-degree days for like, a week and a half. Then this week, back up to 90! Thank you for summer coming back, albeit briefly.

I am trying out some new eyeliner, Peeps. It’s a tightliner by Laura Mercier, pursuant to this awesome tutorial: 

So far, I like it. It’s different, so I’m getting used to it. I LOVE the eyeliner brush that I found from Sonia Kashuk at Target (no. 13) that I apply it with. (At some point I’ll convince someone to take another picture of me, which will include said tightliner.) This is the girly-girl part of me. I neeeeeed some cool makeup sometimes. Funny because the ONLY things I wear are eyes and lipgloss. But I won’t be this young forever and makeup is part of my aging-beautifully plan. Guess I’d better learn to apply it!

I started Pinning ( so many hair pictures that I decided to build a new board on my profile, Worth A Thousand Doll Hairs. Check it out if you want to see what I can’t stop staring at. Warning: you will become addicted to Pinterest, I promise.

Speaking of hair, tomorrow I have my first hair appointment since the Great Hair Caper of 2011. I am nervous. It’s funny that I love the color exactly how it is right at this second when it started out so terribly. The only reason I am going tomorrow is that those highlights that I initially hated MUST be touched up – I’ve had 3 inches or more of growth since April. I really can’t go any longer without looking silly. I am going to ask for an overall rinse in the same color again – 7N – with the shouted warning about the tendency to lift red. Not that there should be any lifting with semipermanent, right? Mmm-kay. Right. Sigh. Please pray with me? I realize this is silly, but this caused me some serious trauma last time!

Did I mention that it’s hump day? I am looking forward to hump day.

August 23, 2011


Last night I laid in the bed while Bryon was working in the dining room. Golden Girls and Lucky Magazine - my idea of a great time (when I must be minus the husband, I'm sayin').

What do I do when I'm bored in the bed with four old ladies and an incredible fashion mag? Take pictures, of course.

Lovely camel and fuschia. Yummy.

Ooh, blue with black. Refined and funky.

Ohhhh, here we go. Gray. Come to Mama. Oh the flowy skirt and mint green leather jacket. Holy moly.

Dear Yellow Outfit (and also white outfit): please come home with me. Amen.

Now this is an Essie color that I don't have yet. More of a creamy pink.

I want this deep purple, too. Carry On.

Hello, gorgeous lipgloss. Clinique in Black Honey. Really? Clinique? Anyone tried this?

Can someone please help me find this darling beanie or one just like it for the fall? Everything I find either has a whole sock hanging off the back of my head, or it's too tight. I do not have a small brain, People. I have tons of hair. Lots of shit to shove in a beanie.

What was I saying? Oh yes, I love Lucky Magazine.

August 22, 2011

Fais Dodo

Oh it’s a Monday alright. Hello, all you good people. Friends.

This weekend was thick like meat and not thin like soup. Take that one and figure it out. Ha! (Sorry. Should just ignore that entirely.)

Bryon was home all day with the kids on Friday and used that time to finish Doug’s bed. Bryon asked him which he liked better: the guitar, or the bed. He said it was a tie! AWESOME.

It’s not painted yet. It’s missing his quilt (still unbound). And, the toys were a bit of shim-sham mess. All of that said, I adore the fact that Bryon wanted to make this loft bed for him. He really, really went above and beyond to make Andy feel special. The electric guitar was selected because it matched who Andy IS as a human. The loft bed was the same; if the kid could live in a fort or a tree his whole life long, he would. I love, love, love that for him.

Friday night, Trevor was the jock star. He played in the Blue & Gold bowl – cornerback & safety to be specific.

He is number 83 this year. He did a GREAT job blocking. Bryon was tremendously proud because cornerback & safety were his two positions all throughout school and much concentration has been given to the importance of blocking. Nifty. Anyway, #2 and #4 sat and wiggled and giggled for about 3 hours at the game until we could shiver no more. Yes, you heard that correctly. It was 50 with 20 mph wind at the game. Uh… scarves anyone? WHERE IS AUGUST, I ask you?!

Saturday was probably one of the last campfires of this summer. Which means time for campfires this FALL. We cranked up the Neil Diamond, had some neighbors over for s’mores, and then tucked the kids into bed around 11. After that, Bryon and I sat around the fire being silly and just talking and talking and talking.

On Sunday I made homemade vegetable beef soup with organic stock (MSG makes Bryon react, so I have to be careful). It was lovely and hearty: trimmed steak tips sautéed first with butter, garlic, and sweet onion, red potatoes, carrots, green beans, diced tomatoes, and mushrooms. So, so delicious. Everything farm fresh and chunky. Except I’m out of practice and I boiled the dang cauliflower IN the soup. As a result, our stomachs exploded with tooties. Which is really inconvenient if you don’t fart in front of your husband.  

Do you watch True Blood on HBO? We love it. Bryon would love it more if he'd read the Charlaine Harris books, but he is a boy (and they all can't be as cool as Roger, yo), so I digress. Anyway, the past two episodes have been really juicy. There is a ghost spirit of a young black woman who is in search of her baby, who died shortly after birth (sometime around 1920 I would say). She's walking all around creeping people out and singing a French lullaby which I CANNOT GET OUT OF MY HEAD. "Fais dodo, mon petit frere..." 

August 19, 2011

Cowboy in Training (Happy Birthday, Drew/Doug/Roo/Andy)

We had quite a birthday this week. #2 turned NINE. Oh how we love him, freckles, skinny arms, and all.

You're already a rockstar, Andy!

August 17, 2011


My brain is ringing. I just spent two days locked in a house with 3.5 children and a very fat cat. There was whining, hissing, and pooping the likes of which you’ve never seen. The cat was well behaved, though.

I finished the top of Mabel’s quilt this weekend, and we took it off to topquilter Mary. It was so good to see her! I also collected two little boy quilts that really want binding. Right now those quilts are sitting in a bag in the living room because I’m trying to yell at myself to finish the top of Hayley’s quilt before taking up the binding. You know how it is… must. finish. current. project!

While Mabel was napping locked in our house (that sounds terrible; I did FORCE them to go outside and breathe beautiful air on multiple occasions, don’t fret), I disassembled the curtains in her room and repaired the one that needed it. Then I hemmed the new sheers that I bought for our bedroom for $9. Then I hemmed the sheers in the living room that were always just a little bit too long for our flocked yellow curtains. And then I sat down and worked on Hayley’s embroidery for over two hours. HAZZAH!

Autumn is coming, too fast. I know I keep saying that I can’t wait for it to arrive, but for Pete’s sake (is Pete capitalized in this instance?), it’s only the middle of August! It’s been 50 overnight already. The corn is done. The soybeans (which look FANTASTIC this year if you care) are going to start turning any moment. And Trevor? Yeah, Trevor’s playing corner to the tune of about 10 hours a week of Titan football. HAZZAH!

I think I just blended two updates. I sorry.

Did I already brag to you people about the Sunday night meal I made this week? I did, didn’t I. It was so delicious, Bryon couldn’t see straight. Damn I can cook! Which would surprise about everyone in my ex-in-law family, I tell you what. That’s what they get for never giving a chick a chance. Too bad, so sad.

Boots. I can’t stop thinking about boots. And this year, I am making loopy scarves for everyone. Well, I want to anyway.

I discovered some fabric squares (presewn) in my stash that might be perfect for Henry. If Henry is the one who comes. I was looking for something else (alright – binding fabric, okay?!) and the squares jumped out at me. Hmmm. I wonder what color Henry’s whole getup will be or if he will care? I wonder what color his eyes are.

Mabel woke up screaming twice this week already, once around midnight two days ago and then at 4am last night. Some ghostes was eating her. Poor thing. We prayed it away. Sigh.

Bryon and I are planning a trip. Only God knows when this trip will be (Hawaii, anyone?), but all we are packing are passports and sunblock in a duffel bag! I just want him naked on the sand for a week at a time. Oh yes, I did just say that.

LifeLight is fast approaching. Husband and I are the heads of the committee for work and let me tell you, it is an EVENT. People are really excited! 300,000 people gathered to worship Jesus. I can’t wait!

Grapes are fantastic as a late afternoon snack, yo.

Our six month-iversary is in less than ten days. SQUEEE!!!

August 15, 2011

We Were 6 This Weekend

We were 6 this weekend. We are not used to it yet, in case you wondered. Boy oh boy did we ever miss it when the kids were gone this summer, but it is always a tender process when you're reblending a family after they've been apart for a while. The kids get all funky and jealous. Moody and goofy. They are overstimulated. WE are overstimulated. Full of love, but tweaked out.

Because he's been working so much*, Bryon took Saturday off this weekend (recent projects have brought unusual weekend work). He was a dad and a husband all day. He took everyone but Andy and ran errands.  I called him once and the girls were climbing all over him and the lumber at Home Depot. Thanks for taking one for the team, Babe!

While Andrew and I ran to get the boys' quilts from Mary, Bryon took everyone else to pick up a present. Having Hayley this weekend made it easy to choose to celebrate Andrew's birthday a bit early.

Yes, my baby boy is NINE.

He wanted a milk chocolate cake with chocolate frosting and sprinkles... made by Mama. I so love doing the cakes, oh yes. He also got to pick what he wanted for dinner: a NY strip, shells & cheese, and fresh green beans. Lucky duck.

Oh, the wishing.

After dinner it was time for presents, each one selected by a sibling with love and exactly motorcycle-ish enough for Andy's taste.

The kid was HAPPY.

Meanwhile, back in our bedroom... this one was getting OUR present ready. He couldn't stop smiling.

This is where I should tell you lovely people that Andrew is the only one of the children (so far) to have an ounce of rhythm. He is also independent and creative. We knew what we wanted to get him months ago. Then when we bought it weeks ago, I had to stomp on Bryon's foot about twice a week to keep him from giving it away early.
Bryon knew exactly how it was to go down. And aside from my astute capture of the most remarkable pictures of the lamp in the living room, it went off perfectly.

First, a couple of chords...


There was no avoiding their first jam session.

And hell yes, they already have one groupie.


As I was saying, we spent a great weekend as 6. Finished off with a 3 lb meatloaf, roasted red potatoes with rosemary, glazed carrots, steamed green beans, and homemade chocolate chip cookies - but that is a story for another post.

*Work is a robber in our house. It's something I beat off with a stick on a constant basis, with Bryon's help. He remains dedicated to putting us first, despite how very hard that is. Work is something that men find so much pride in, pride that I WANT to support and encourage. Chasing money is NOT who Bryon is, but being proud of what he is doing IS. So he listens to my freak outs about work, God love him. And then I witness him do something, like throw in the towel for an entire day, despite the work demands, and I know that God is answering our prayers and giving us a way to work AND be a family. Suck it, Robber!