August 22, 2011

Fais Dodo

Oh it’s a Monday alright. Hello, all you good people. Friends.

This weekend was thick like meat and not thin like soup. Take that one and figure it out. Ha! (Sorry. Should just ignore that entirely.)

Bryon was home all day with the kids on Friday and used that time to finish Doug’s bed. Bryon asked him which he liked better: the guitar, or the bed. He said it was a tie! AWESOME.

It’s not painted yet. It’s missing his quilt (still unbound). And, the toys were a bit of shim-sham mess. All of that said, I adore the fact that Bryon wanted to make this loft bed for him. He really, really went above and beyond to make Andy feel special. The electric guitar was selected because it matched who Andy IS as a human. The loft bed was the same; if the kid could live in a fort or a tree his whole life long, he would. I love, love, love that for him.

Friday night, Trevor was the jock star. He played in the Blue & Gold bowl – cornerback & safety to be specific.

He is number 83 this year. He did a GREAT job blocking. Bryon was tremendously proud because cornerback & safety were his two positions all throughout school and much concentration has been given to the importance of blocking. Nifty. Anyway, #2 and #4 sat and wiggled and giggled for about 3 hours at the game until we could shiver no more. Yes, you heard that correctly. It was 50 with 20 mph wind at the game. Uh… scarves anyone? WHERE IS AUGUST, I ask you?!

Saturday was probably one of the last campfires of this summer. Which means time for campfires this FALL. We cranked up the Neil Diamond, had some neighbors over for s’mores, and then tucked the kids into bed around 11. After that, Bryon and I sat around the fire being silly and just talking and talking and talking.

On Sunday I made homemade vegetable beef soup with organic stock (MSG makes Bryon react, so I have to be careful). It was lovely and hearty: trimmed steak tips sautéed first with butter, garlic, and sweet onion, red potatoes, carrots, green beans, diced tomatoes, and mushrooms. So, so delicious. Everything farm fresh and chunky. Except I’m out of practice and I boiled the dang cauliflower IN the soup. As a result, our stomachs exploded with tooties. Which is really inconvenient if you don’t fart in front of your husband.  

Do you watch True Blood on HBO? We love it. Bryon would love it more if he'd read the Charlaine Harris books, but he is a boy (and they all can't be as cool as Roger, yo), so I digress. Anyway, the past two episodes have been really juicy. There is a ghost spirit of a young black woman who is in search of her baby, who died shortly after birth (sometime around 1920 I would say). She's walking all around creeping people out and singing a French lullaby which I CANNOT GET OUT OF MY HEAD. "Fais dodo, mon petit frere..." 

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