August 4, 2011

Things I Love Thursday

1. Jesus gets some blog glory today. Because He saved me. He loves me. He knows what is next and He has plans for me that are GOOD. I love Him.

2. Gorgeous messy hair.  

3. Don't kick my ass, but I miss the snow. I was really missing it last week when it was 115.  

4. "Catch." It's this little App I found for my Android phone. Between this list-making savant and the fact that my new phone does voice recognition, I am able to "write" a grocery list while driving - SAFELY. If you have a Droid, check it out.

5. Tomato basil grilled cheese. OH FOR REAL.  

6. Mabel's blonde pin-up curls. She's just the most darling little thing. I am blessed that she is mine. 

7. I'm almost willing to just wing creamy avocado chicken salad.  

8. Driving windy roads with my hubs. And then getting lost (in a 'let's neck' kind of way, NOT 'a bear is eating me' kind of way).  

9. Dear football season, can't wait because I have a plan for awesome duds. Love, me.  

10. SJP has the coolest hair.

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