August 26, 2011

Things I Love Thursday

1. My hump day husband (which turned into Hump Day Thursday and Friday morning if you care). He allowed me to lie in bed last night and stick my finger in his nose. He was concentrating on a television show and I wanted attention (isn’t that what YOU do when you want attention?). I also flapped his upper eyelid skin and tickled feet. It worked.

2. Eames chairs.

3. I really like booties. I don’t have any booties; I love the wedge heel and the idea of wearing something like this in the early part of fall when it’s too warm yet to wear full length boots.  

4. Skinny jeans. I can admit it.

5. Embroidery floss storage ideas.

6. OPI Bubble Bath. It’s a peachy-pink.  

7. Now I want to let Mabel’s hair grow out so I can rig her hair up.

8. I wish my hair would grow faster. I would LOVE that.

9. Awesome bangles. Via Etsy seller Leatherwraps.

10. I love this bracelet. Via Etsy seller Ohjustjess.

PS: My hair came out beautifully! There was no 2nd Caper.

And Dear B: Thank you for letting me flap your lids and pick your nose and otherwise molest you just for giggles. It’s part of the fun of being married to me. HAPPY SIX MONTHIVERSARY, BABY! You have the most adorable ring toes I’ve ever seen.

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