August 15, 2011

We Were 6 This Weekend

We were 6 this weekend. We are not used to it yet, in case you wondered. Boy oh boy did we ever miss it when the kids were gone this summer, but it is always a tender process when you're reblending a family after they've been apart for a while. The kids get all funky and jealous. Moody and goofy. They are overstimulated. WE are overstimulated. Full of love, but tweaked out.

Because he's been working so much*, Bryon took Saturday off this weekend (recent projects have brought unusual weekend work). He was a dad and a husband all day. He took everyone but Andy and ran errands.  I called him once and the girls were climbing all over him and the lumber at Home Depot. Thanks for taking one for the team, Babe!

While Andrew and I ran to get the boys' quilts from Mary, Bryon took everyone else to pick up a present. Having Hayley this weekend made it easy to choose to celebrate Andrew's birthday a bit early.

Yes, my baby boy is NINE.

He wanted a milk chocolate cake with chocolate frosting and sprinkles... made by Mama. I so love doing the cakes, oh yes. He also got to pick what he wanted for dinner: a NY strip, shells & cheese, and fresh green beans. Lucky duck.

Oh, the wishing.

After dinner it was time for presents, each one selected by a sibling with love and exactly motorcycle-ish enough for Andy's taste.

The kid was HAPPY.

Meanwhile, back in our bedroom... this one was getting OUR present ready. He couldn't stop smiling.

This is where I should tell you lovely people that Andrew is the only one of the children (so far) to have an ounce of rhythm. He is also independent and creative. We knew what we wanted to get him months ago. Then when we bought it weeks ago, I had to stomp on Bryon's foot about twice a week to keep him from giving it away early.
Bryon knew exactly how it was to go down. And aside from my astute capture of the most remarkable pictures of the lamp in the living room, it went off perfectly.

First, a couple of chords...


There was no avoiding their first jam session.

And hell yes, they already have one groupie.


As I was saying, we spent a great weekend as 6. Finished off with a 3 lb meatloaf, roasted red potatoes with rosemary, glazed carrots, steamed green beans, and homemade chocolate chip cookies - but that is a story for another post.

*Work is a robber in our house. It's something I beat off with a stick on a constant basis, with Bryon's help. He remains dedicated to putting us first, despite how very hard that is. Work is something that men find so much pride in, pride that I WANT to support and encourage. Chasing money is NOT who Bryon is, but being proud of what he is doing IS. So he listens to my freak outs about work, God love him. And then I witness him do something, like throw in the towel for an entire day, despite the work demands, and I know that God is answering our prayers and giving us a way to work AND be a family. Suck it, Robber!


  1. That is one lucky boy. Love the jam session photos especially. Happy Birthday, Andy!


  2. This post brought tears to my eyes - very happy for your darling family! Barbara

  3. Love the picture of Andrew looking at B. His face is just shining with happiness.