August 3, 2011


Judy's birthday was yesterday. Let's all take a moment to thank Jesus that she got another one, shall we? Oh yes. The kids and I called and shouted to her on the way home last night. It paled in comparison to being able to see her and celebrate in person, but I am happy to have her on this planet with me. Happy birthday, Mom!

Trevor began his 3rd year of football last night. First practice on the 5th/6th grade team. First practice on a brand new team, for a brand new school. I was SO PROUD of him as he showed me who he is inside. He courageously walked right up to the other kids, all strangers, and hung out. He smiled. He was quiet (not typical Trevor), but outgoing. He waited to see who had a heart of God, who would invite him to play ball. Within a few minutes, he was passing and blocking with the kids that will be his friends for the next several years. It warmed my heart exactly how he did this. It was with no prompting from me, no discussion ahead of time, and no hysterics on either of our parts. I went one way to shake hands with the coach and he went the other to meet his team. So, so proud. Also? Only one ringer on their team, which means all but one of them can run the ball. It also means that all but one of them has to rely on being fast in order to avoid being smashed by the other teams. Ringer weight for 5th/6th grade is 135 lbs (ringers can throw and catch, but cannot run the ball). Trevor weighs a whopping 70 lbs. Yes, I’m praying.

Andrew has become very sensitive to Trevor picking on him or not sticking up for him when others do. Nothing big or bullyish going on, but typical boy stuff. Still, Andy spent a lot of time this summer being picked on by Trevor and another child without consequence. No one knew or did anything about it, so Andy played alone a lot. This hurts my heart. Now that he is back, I’ve been loving on him and trying to get the fast-trigger tears to quit. It’s going to be a process for him. We are praying about this. This, oh this. This bothers Bryon so much. Andrew is such a complex kid and he deserves to feel special. He deserves to feel courageous. He is freaking awesome and I wouldn’t trade his tender soul for the world. We have some ideas for building back up his confidence! And of course now that they are home, Trevor is much more kind to him and I’ve been reminding him why God made Trevor first. He has responsibilities as a big brother.

The Moo has a special shirt. Two nights ago, Bryon and I put her to bed. It was still light out and she insisted on having the curtains open so that it wasn’t dark in her room. Still afraid of the ghosts (pronounced ghost-es), poor girl. She settled in after prayers and a song from me, but Bryon went back down later to soothe her again. He took with him an old, navy blue tee shirt. He explained to her that it was a special, magic shirt. All wrapped up with love from Daddy and Jesus, the shirt would help her feel strong and safe at bedtime. When I woke her up the next morning, she stood up on her bed. Her hair was all whacked out like Phyllis Diller and her special shirt was a dress. But she was smiling. No ghostes. She did cry out last night, but she settled pretty quickly after she remembered she was wearing her special shirt.

It’s supposed to be in the 80’s this week, which is so completely welcome after two weeks over 100 each day. Mercy!

The basement is nearly finished. I’ve been working on a basement post for you all. I wanted to wait until the details were done, but I’m going to share anyway. You deserve it! We hope to contract the rest of the bits and pieces (including trim, doors, and closets) within the next week or two.

Sleeping in our room is… well, it’s like we moved into a new house. Those three coats of primer and gray paint have removed anything left behind from Bryon’s ex-wife. We hung curtains as well and it is the single most relaxing room in the house. I found the curtains in a Hospice thrift store. They are white brocade and feel like silk. No idea on how old the panels are but they are in pristine condition and the most luxurious things I’ve ever seen. 1980’s I suspect. Anyway, I couldn’t bear giving them just $16, so I gave the little old lady $40 instead. Now, you should know that Bryon isn’t as in to vintage as moi. He made an Elvis face when I told him that I’d found vintage curtains for our room, but he trusted in my decision. Now, he really likes them. “It feels like a home now; it never did before. But now, it feels so comforting,” he said. LOVE.

I found some nude heels at Target a couple of weeks ago. I’ve been eyeballing them for a YEAR (seriously), waiting for Nine West to come out with the perfect patent pair with wooden heel that did not cost a meelion dollars. Patience, you see. Well, I was at Target and they had a paint of patent nude heels on clearance. They aren’t exactly what I had in mind, but they were at a price I could afford. I’m reserving judgment, still. They do pinch a little.

Still not once in the pool this year, moi. Sucks. I am holding out hope for the mother-in-law’s place. Sad, isn’t it?

A work friend of mine has her grandfather’s dining room table in her attic and says it needs a home. I’m waiting patiently to see pictures of said table, but I hope it’s just right! Only about 14 weeks until Thanksgiving.

This curly hair thing is starting to drive me a little mad. I’m not considering chopping it – oh no way – but I do have to come up with a plan of action on humid 100 degree days. It’s past my bra strap in the back now. Round brushing it straight takes about 15 minutes. Not terrible, but there are days I want to sleep those 15 minutes and end up going to work curly instead. That prep is about 5 minutes, max. I seem to have better luck when I use Kenra’s Curl spray on the second day than on the first day when I use my two holy grail mousses (is that the correct plural in this case?). Hmmm. I dunno. Hayley tells me, “You have crazy hair. I like it. My mom never wears her hair like that; it’s always just perfect.” And there you are, Folks. And there you are.

Monday was a long day, Folks. I collapsed in the bed when it wasn't even dark. Bryon joined me and we nestled in the covers. He was talking about... somethingorother. I think I talked back a little. Then I was snoring. I fluttered in and out of consiousness as he flipped through the channels and settled on Family Guy. He smiled at me and patted my head, finding it cute that he got to be the one awake for once. Typically I am the night owl, so when I am not, this is endearing. I guess. He took off my glasses and kissed me. He got up to turn off the light (on my side of the bed) and said, "Don't you move!" Then he grabbed both of my hands in the tightest squeeze and he prayed out loud. That put my soul to rest for the night. I am the most blessed wife ever.

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