August 10, 2011


Oh I have so many things that I loved on this week on Pinterest. I can’t wait to share them with you tomorrow. Fun, fun, fun!

I had to register the boys for their new school this week. This will be the last school (God-willing) that they ever attend. They love it. It’s a great school district and they already know kids from church and now Trevor has friends from football (oh yes he does). We stood in line, the 3 of us, for 4 hours to register. First sign ups, then ID cards, then the school bus, school lunches, school pictures. And oh, Holy Lord the school lunches are now $100 a month for those two! YIKES. Time to start packing some days. If you have (more - thanks, Wendy) ideas for school lunches, post them in the comments please! I need quick and easy and non-messy would be a plus, too.

Bryon and I rekindled our Sunday night tradition this past weekend: kitchen dancing to our favorite music. We put the kids to bed and started talking. Now, we haven’t gone away from this well, ever. But when the kids were gone we could do all of our things whenever we wanted. Now that they are back (and Praise God the basement is finished), we have reset up some boundaries for parental bonding time. Sunday nights were first on the list. ANYWAY. We talked and danced and reconnected. It is so, so important. He makes me first. He makes it a POINT to make me and the kids come before anything else. Oh how I love him for that.

I have to confess to you that this past week I watched an old episode of Grey’s Anatomy and thought of my friends at Seattle Grace / Mercy West 4,148 times. Then I spent time wondering what the Walker family was up to from Brothers and Sisters. I mean, I realize that these people are fictitious, but I miss my shows. Must be the wanting of fall, because I am ready for fall television to start. Well, to start DVR-ing, because life is more important. We live in the present and then catch up later.

Wait until you see how many outfits I Pinned that are fall-ish. I’m telling you, I’m ready. That being said, I was unhappy when I got in the car this morning and it was 53 degrees outside. I guess I can’t be pleased. Sorry, Jesus. Thanks for waking me today.

I talked to Judy a couple of days ago. Unfortunately she was not able to bring her computer with her to her new apartment. I’m working on a way to get her blog updates. For now, that makes me sad. She used to so enjoy logging in and seeing her grandbabies every day. Santa might have to find a used laptop for Nana. Of course, he’d better line up an elf to spend hours teaching her how to use it, too. We’ll have to see.

My new nude heels are still pinching. NOT my favorite. NOT. That said, I’m not going to quit wearing them until I find new next year. Nine West with wooden heels. Should have stuck to my guns. Perfect illustration of how you get what you pay for, I reckon.

Could someone please tell me the temperature at which it becomes socially acceptable to make a meatloaf? How about a roast or chunky soup? I mean, what if it’s still August; is that allowed? Hello? *tap, tap* Is this thing on?

I need a little black dress. I have a hot date anytime I want one. Now I think I need a smoking hot dress for him to take off and throw across the room.

It was Joe Joe’s birthday yesterday. Happy birthday, Joe! Thanks for letting us celebrate with you. Good thing your girlyfriend called me to help orchestrate this surprise business, because I’vegottatellya… I am damn good at that shit. And I loved seeing your face smile!

The work thing isn’t our favorite anymore. We’ve discovered the thing that 2 married doctors say to you when they say at the end of the day, they don’t want to go home and talk about livers and scalpels all night long. Bryon and I have decided to make a conscious effort NOT to talk about work after the first dump at home. We have to, or it’s too consuming.

Who told my two biggest children that they could grow their feet to size 4.5 and 5.5? For real. Thank goodness Mabel’s toes are still tiny and delicious.


  1. I made meat loaf Sunday night, I don't let weather determine good taste!!

  2. BLTs? Pasta salad. Stuffed pitas? Turkey sandwiches. A whole turkey is SOOO cheap and goes a long way. Why wait for Thanksgiving?

    When I was growing up it was PB&J every stinking day. Except the one day after Thanksgiving.

    there are a few good ideas in the latest issue of Everyday Food too.

    Leftover meatloaf sandwiches! I was going to mention them! Make meatloaf whenever you want! My dad just gave me a meatloaf pan for my birthday. Fancy. You lift the meatloaf out of the grease with the extra piece it bakes on top of.

  3. I made meatloaf two days ago. I had no idea the weather had anything to do with that. :)

    Check out the nearest Williams Sonoma. They have a 'class' this month on packing cool and different lunches.