August 17, 2011


My brain is ringing. I just spent two days locked in a house with 3.5 children and a very fat cat. There was whining, hissing, and pooping the likes of which you’ve never seen. The cat was well behaved, though.

I finished the top of Mabel’s quilt this weekend, and we took it off to topquilter Mary. It was so good to see her! I also collected two little boy quilts that really want binding. Right now those quilts are sitting in a bag in the living room because I’m trying to yell at myself to finish the top of Hayley’s quilt before taking up the binding. You know how it is… must. finish. current. project!

While Mabel was napping locked in our house (that sounds terrible; I did FORCE them to go outside and breathe beautiful air on multiple occasions, don’t fret), I disassembled the curtains in her room and repaired the one that needed it. Then I hemmed the new sheers that I bought for our bedroom for $9. Then I hemmed the sheers in the living room that were always just a little bit too long for our flocked yellow curtains. And then I sat down and worked on Hayley’s embroidery for over two hours. HAZZAH!

Autumn is coming, too fast. I know I keep saying that I can’t wait for it to arrive, but for Pete’s sake (is Pete capitalized in this instance?), it’s only the middle of August! It’s been 50 overnight already. The corn is done. The soybeans (which look FANTASTIC this year if you care) are going to start turning any moment. And Trevor? Yeah, Trevor’s playing corner to the tune of about 10 hours a week of Titan football. HAZZAH!

I think I just blended two updates. I sorry.

Did I already brag to you people about the Sunday night meal I made this week? I did, didn’t I. It was so delicious, Bryon couldn’t see straight. Damn I can cook! Which would surprise about everyone in my ex-in-law family, I tell you what. That’s what they get for never giving a chick a chance. Too bad, so sad.

Boots. I can’t stop thinking about boots. And this year, I am making loopy scarves for everyone. Well, I want to anyway.

I discovered some fabric squares (presewn) in my stash that might be perfect for Henry. If Henry is the one who comes. I was looking for something else (alright – binding fabric, okay?!) and the squares jumped out at me. Hmmm. I wonder what color Henry’s whole getup will be or if he will care? I wonder what color his eyes are.

Mabel woke up screaming twice this week already, once around midnight two days ago and then at 4am last night. Some ghostes was eating her. Poor thing. We prayed it away. Sigh.

Bryon and I are planning a trip. Only God knows when this trip will be (Hawaii, anyone?), but all we are packing are passports and sunblock in a duffel bag! I just want him naked on the sand for a week at a time. Oh yes, I did just say that.

LifeLight is fast approaching. Husband and I are the heads of the committee for work and let me tell you, it is an EVENT. People are really excited! 300,000 people gathered to worship Jesus. I can’t wait!

Grapes are fantastic as a late afternoon snack, yo.

Our six month-iversary is in less than ten days. SQUEEE!!!


  1. Love the post. Who is Henry?


  2. Yes - who's Henry? And 6 months already?!!