August 24, 2011


Hump day, yo. I sent an email to my husband this morning that went something like this:

In observance of our calendar, I am inviting you to celebrate Hump Day. Hump Day is a time-honored tradition designed to encourage people who work too hard to take a break in the middle of the week, get naked, and roll around with each other. This increases endorphins and serotonin (that’s required for happiness, did you know?), and DECREASES cortisol (produced from stress). Hump Day was designed for your health! Props are encouraged but not necessary. Libations will be shared in order to loosen inhibitions and remove any shoulder chips and worries ahead of time. Music should be included, particularly Warrant or Def Leppard. Please consider attending a celebration of Hump Day today!

It’s just the kind of wife I am. He accepted my invitation, if you're curious.

Trevor’s first official game was a victory! He had an amazing tackle, too, so he was very proud. Andy was excited because their previous school team was playing on the field right next to us (we have a junior football complex here in town that has 4 regulation fields in one enormous park) and he got to walk over and visit with all of his friends – very cool! #4 was very fidgety. Very. Did I already say very?

LifeLight is 8 days away. My goodness there is so much to do yet. I think I’ve mentioned before that Bryon and I are chairing the committee for our work event. We host hundreds of employees at a sponsor tent on LifeLight grounds. It’s awesome but there are a million things left to do! Please pray for peace and brevity as we clip through our list of to-do’s this week and next.

Why is it that I ALWAYS wear these dang cheap nude heels from Target on Wednesdays? I am always complaining about them. I should shut up already. Sorry!

Mabel doesn’t nap, she rests her mouth. Just ask her!

I am hungry for tater tot hot dish. That’s on my list for this weekend, provided it’s not super hot outside. We had a nice wave of 75-degree days for like, a week and a half. Then this week, back up to 90! Thank you for summer coming back, albeit briefly.

I am trying out some new eyeliner, Peeps. It’s a tightliner by Laura Mercier, pursuant to this awesome tutorial: 

So far, I like it. It’s different, so I’m getting used to it. I LOVE the eyeliner brush that I found from Sonia Kashuk at Target (no. 13) that I apply it with. (At some point I’ll convince someone to take another picture of me, which will include said tightliner.) This is the girly-girl part of me. I neeeeeed some cool makeup sometimes. Funny because the ONLY things I wear are eyes and lipgloss. But I won’t be this young forever and makeup is part of my aging-beautifully plan. Guess I’d better learn to apply it!

I started Pinning ( so many hair pictures that I decided to build a new board on my profile, Worth A Thousand Doll Hairs. Check it out if you want to see what I can’t stop staring at. Warning: you will become addicted to Pinterest, I promise.

Speaking of hair, tomorrow I have my first hair appointment since the Great Hair Caper of 2011. I am nervous. It’s funny that I love the color exactly how it is right at this second when it started out so terribly. The only reason I am going tomorrow is that those highlights that I initially hated MUST be touched up – I’ve had 3 inches or more of growth since April. I really can’t go any longer without looking silly. I am going to ask for an overall rinse in the same color again – 7N – with the shouted warning about the tendency to lift red. Not that there should be any lifting with semipermanent, right? Mmm-kay. Right. Sigh. Please pray with me? I realize this is silly, but this caused me some serious trauma last time!

Did I mention that it’s hump day? I am looking forward to hump day.

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