August 12, 2011

Y'All Have Waited Long Enough

The house isn't finished. But it's certainly more OURS. We've moved all the extra things out of the living room to make it a living room again. We have lived in (dirtied) our spaces already. Toys have sprung up everyplace.

Here are some photos from our space, simply living.

Each of these photos represents a story, I realize now.

All of our couches were sat on by our ex-spouses. That is not our favorite situation, but we are grateful to have seats for our asses, so we are being patient for now. It's a lesson in using what we have.

The girls' room might be my favorite. Possibly Pink might be my favorite paint color, too. Those curtains were made by me for Mabel's room a year ago, when Tomato Soup called me an overachiever. That makes me smile.

Trevor's pillowcases are vintage. I did a cartwheel when I found them. And he looks SO grown up in his big queen-sized bed when I wake him each morning.

Marchal kitty cat has followed us in 2 houses. He is Andy's very most favorite spark plug driver. Now we have a Kiki who looks just like Marchal. Trés jolie.

And those white brocade curtain panels in our room? Oh my. Those have added pure cloud fluff into our space. We adore our bedroom now. It's all sleepy and dreamy in the blue light of morning and it provides just the perfect white glow in the middle of the night, too.


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