September 26, 2011

A Celebration: Of Moo and Fall

This weekend we celebrated the birthday of Bernard St. Pottamus. Saturday was such a beautiful day that we began planning to have some folks over that night. It incorporated easily into a cupcake celebration for Miss Moo. More to come on that in a future post.

We got home after horseback riding for hours and put the baby down for a nap (Gosh, can I still call her that? I can still call her that. When she’s 17. Right?). The middles used this time to clean furiously. Bryon and Trevor used this time to cut wood, trim the yard and clean the grill - and also to run to the grocery store for me. Twice. I used this time to do the following:

Change into comfies, which include a pair of lounge pants from Target that are THE MOST comfortable things to have on my legs ever.
Pull my hair back because it is getting LONG, yo.
Tray up the 15 lb pork loin for my husband, the Grill Sergeant (who was busy while I was prepping), along with the necessary spices and tools.
Make ahead the roasted crash red potatoes with fresh parsley and rosemary.
Make ahead the creamy macaroni and cheese (without anything fancy because CHILDREN DO NOT EAT IT THAT WAY).
Chop a million veggies.
Clean and ready a pound of fresh green beans for the steamer.
Break up 37 disagreements on division of labor, legos, and Polly Pocket something-or-other.
Rinse and prepare the fruit, crackers, and cheese. Ooh and the olives!
Slice up the French bread.
Text the guests.
Update Facebook.
Ice and sprinkle 43 cupcakes (half+1 spice cake with pink frosting and half yellow cake with chocolate frosting).
Wrap presents.
Make the beds and flip out the laundry for the folders.
Keep the labor on task (middle children get distracted easily, I’ve learned – especially when folding laundry).
Clean the bathroom and windex all the glass.
Hang leftover dot garlands from the wedding.
Hang 2 new prints in the master bedroom.
Hang a banner in the girls’ room.
Hang 2 new prints in the girls’ room (I did this last because her eyeballs popped open).
Finish the red potatoes and macaroni and cheese and get them in darling vintage Pyrex bowls and into the oven for warming until dinnertime.
Flounce my hair so that it is dynamite and I feel purdy.
Change out of comfies before someone walked in the door with me in pajamas and my boobs flopping all over every place.

All was accomplished in about 3 hours, all said and done. Moo awoke with fuzzy hair and slipped on her favorite dress. She sat in the window and waited for everyone to arrive, even though they were coming over for dinner and not for her birthday specifically. Anything is a partay to Miss Moo, though, so there you are. Girl knows how to be the center of attention fo’ sho’.

Friends arrived – 16 all together with offspring. It was loud and it was fun. Nerf gun wars and football and bean bags, oh my! Bryon grilled his prize pork loin and all of the food inside was ready right on time – while I was able to be outside with the guests. Then the kids ran around outside until it was so dark that the roaring fire didn’t light up the yard anymore. It was awesome.

My point of this whole whatever is that I forgot how much I love to entertain friends. Just keeping it real and being us, while at the same time giving back to friends who are so supportive and loving. And I remember how very, very much I love to cook for a crowd. What a beautiful way to celebrate the first weekend of autumn!

PS: Happy birthday, my little baby. You captivate me every single day.


  1. Happy Birthday, Moo Rae! Miss you! Wish we could have been there :(

  2. I know what you mean about cooking for a crowd! I bought myself a gigantic stainless steel bowl last weekend and am so pleased. You could bathe Moo in it. I have needed a giant mixing bowl forever!

    What a fun time everyone had there. I bet you were wiped out after!