September 20, 2011

Fluffer Fairylegs on Bernard St. Pottamus

So you all know by now that Mabel is unique. Then it should come as no surprise to you that she never, NEVER wears matchy-matchy duds - or the barrette that goes with her sweater - or even shoes that match her outfit. That's just not who she is. She doesn't care about that sort of stuff.

So on this day when she awoke, it was chilly. I told her no dress today. She put on the pants I handed her (seriously I think we should all have rainbow pants), but then she took matters into her own hands. She scaled her closet and found her blue tutu.

And then she asked for ponytails. Well, first she asked for braids because she always asks for braids. But I ponied her instead.

And then she decided she should feed the cat. All a mess of fluff and stuffy lump over there. Thank goodness I had my phone beside me and was well-equipped to snap-in-a-flash.

Hello, Cuteness. Whatcha doin'?

I'n dancing, Mama. Look! See me?

I see you, Precious. Come here and let me take a picture of your piggy tails.

Oh, okay. Yes, please dance over here instead.


Dance over to Daddy over there. Yes, just flounce on his head.

Whoa! Look out!

Oh that is lovely, Moo. Yes, you are VERY ladylike.

You are such a good dancer, pretty girl. And good for you, taking time out to wrestle, too.

Fluffy fairlegs. Must be the tutu!

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