September 23, 2011

On The Day He Was Sick

We've been fighting a bit of a bug in our house as of late, and I don't mean the crawly kind. There was a cold/sinus/funk going around at work and due to his laborious work schedule, this funk attached itself to Bryon's immune system and wouldn't let go.

He started with sniffles and sneezes and then had headaches and bodyaches. Just as it is with any man who is ill, he was sure he was dying. So I squeezed his butt and made him my tomato soup.

This apparently gave him enough energy to bond with his boys.

Seriously if you people could hear the giggling going on in our house during one of these smackdown sessions, your ears would bleed. ITISSOLOUD. What a tickle mess! They adore the wrestling and they all take turns losing.

As you can see from the pajama victory pose - this time, Bryon won. Must have been the tomato soup. Or possibly the butt squeeze.

And of course, thanks to that aforementioned butt squeeze, I am now getting the sniffles. Good think he's worth it!

1 comment:

  1. I love the last photo where--is it Mabel?--is just calmly sitting on the couch like a princess as the craziness goes on around her.