September 9, 2011


The most overused acronym in our language (except perhaps ASAP), but this week it applies. I seriously CANNOT wait to sleep in tomorrow morning to a whopping 8am. I must, MUST use it for my title today. Forgive me?

It's been a very, very busy week. I do realize Monday was a holiday (though Bryon worked). I also realize how blessed we are, returning to work after three solid days of heart-pounding, sound-blaring Jesus. But it has nevertheless been a week that has necessitated prayer and produced a greater intimacy with God (oh I love that) just because of life swirling around us. We are reminded that no matter how great our dedication to one another or to God Himself, the enemy still exists. And he is a pain in the ass. We were also reminded that the integrity and health of our family is far more important than anything material in this life.

Both Bryon and I have been talking about God in our day to day and that is so refreshing - it's amazing to hear your husband talk about God as if he were sitting right beside you. Also, you friends out there - I would love for you to pray for our work. Please pray for a while because this is no small favor. I will leave it at that request.

Okay then.

I am loving the new color blocking trends for this season. I really feel like I need to go shopping but I really can't afford to do it. I'd like some solid color long sleeve tees from JCrew, like this. I think the color is called vibrant flame...

Okay, Peeps. I'm not ashamed to tell you that J.Crew is my friend on Facebook. They told me about an article in Harper's Bazaar about their clothing, and this was the lead photo. I was sucked in immediately and had to go find a long sleeve tee in vibrant flame. On sale, mind you. It makes me wanna wear hot pink lipstick and high heels at the office with tons of bangle bracelets. Take that!

Topquilter Mary sent me a text the other day to say that Mabel's quilt was ready. I really need to get over there and get that thing except I haven't finished Hayleys yet. So I feel bad. I'm trying to convince myself to hurry up and finish Haley's quilt top so I can drop it off at the same time I pick up Mabel's. If I can't get that thing back before her birthday in November, I will kick my own ass.

Also, someone has a birthday coming up in just a couple of weeks. I'll give you a hint: she is LOUD, has a milkshake that brings all the boys to the yard, and picks her nose. 

Mabel Rae would very much like one of these for her birthday:

Unfortunately, we lack both the oats and the space for such a beautiful creature, so we're going with something a little more like this instead:

We have some friends who own a few horses. We're hoping to coordinate a private lesson for little Moo for her big day. I really hope it works out! She has also requested chocolate cupcakes (the only child of mine who prefers cupcakes over cake, though admittedly that might be my fault) with pink frosting. Sounds just like her first birthday cupcakes, no?

Have a wonderful weekend, Friends.

All images are Pinned for sources.

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