September 21, 2011


Happy hump day!  *wink*

Trevor’s team won their 6th game last night: 6-0. He had one tackle and an assist. It wasn’t his best game and the poor kid was upset; I’m his mama and I could tell. It was just one of those nights where the timing didn’t jive. Good thing that killer tackle at the end impressed his teammates and coaches alike! Way to hang in, T. Of course, 6-0 status means who-knows-how-many playoff games. If they are in the final four, they play in the college dome. He is PUMPED. Cool, eh?

Bryon took Mabel to breakfast this morning, where she had blueberry pancakes with blueberry syrup. Pretty sure we’re going to see a blueberry surprise later.  

Andrew made a presentation to his science class yesterday. He did a science project on the human cell. Oh yes, I remember I told you already! Well, the presentation went wonderfully, despite the fact that he was nervous and also, the gravel road did a number to his jello-ed cytoplasm on the bus that morning. The teacher gave him an A+ and solidified his love for science. SCORE.

So our friend, Shelly (she has appeared on the blog before and is therefore famous) has horses. Like, horses with paddocks and an indoor arena. I told you all about that idea in the works, too: Miss Moo-Moo’s big day? Yes. Well, as it turns out, Shelly’s equines are ready for mounting (that sounded bad didn’t it, oh my) this Saturday. Mabel will be dolled up in either piggies or braids (her choice for sure) and the other 3 will suddenly decide she’s the bestest sister ever for loving horses. And that mom and dad aren’t too bad either for making it happen. Cupcakes after, yo!

I have reconnected with some family on Facebook recently and it is LOVERLY. Last week I flipped through my cousin Shelly’s pictures and found some of my dad, of cousins – oh it was like looking through a memory glass. Just chills all over. I know Facebook is misused and you all have heard about how I feel about underagers using it… but Facebook is wicked awesome for families to stay in touch!

I am praying for some coworkers who need to cut their own loaf, if you know what I mean. Otherwise, I’m going to get crabby.

Did I already mention that it was 45 degrees during last night's football game? How about the 40 mph winds? No exaggeration, Peeps. It was CRAZY. Good thing 5th graders don't throw the ball much. 

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