September 28, 2011


[picture from March, 2010]

I am exhausted today. Might have something to do with the hump day wakeup call. You know, I realize that may be too much information for some of you, but alas this is my blog and I can brag all I want on it. Especially if it’s about shagging the homeboy. Sideways. Anyway, all of this to say: I AM TIRED.

Trevor’s team won their last season game last night, finishing at 6-0. They qualified for the ‘buy’, which means they get a week off from games, having automatically advanced far enough into the playoffs to omit a game. Then, they will play again beginning October 11. We’ll do at least 3 games, but probably 5. And their last game will be in the dome at the university south of town. HOW COOL! I cannot WAIT to take pictures!

So last night during the game, I happened to look over on the sidelines. I was watching Trevor be a boy. He was doing something silly, making faces. (He played mainly defense in the second half and it was an offensive play at the time.) While I was watching, this other child – this other very much bigger child – began picking on Trevor. Now, I watched for a while because I suspected they were just knocking around on each other like all of them seem to do. However, this went the wrong way fast. The bigger child was pushing and shoving and hitting Trevor. I left my spot to go over to their sideline and watch. Neither of the boys saw me, but I was waiting for Bigger Child to look my way so that I could give him the death stare. At this point, Trevor did everything he could to avoid the kid, walking back and forth among his other friends. He would settle and then Bigger Child would come and rip his jersey so hard that he fell down. Or knee him in the ass. Or accidentally hit him with his helmet. Of course all 4 coaches were watching other things justifiably and I wondered if I should get involved or let them work it out. Trevor gets along so well with all of the other kids, but this one – this Bigger child – was flat out being a jerk to him. I prayed for my oldest child. I prayed for him to keep a Christian heart and to keep turning the other cheek. Over and over. This went on for almost 15 minutes before both of the kids were sufficiently distracted and stopped. I walked back to Bryon and was glad I had not intervened. I want my kids to all learn how to stand up for themselves, but that means something differently to Christians, I think. It’s hard to let someone pick on you and ignore them. I was very proud of Trevor. He stood his ground, never stopped being himself, and kept walking away from the kid. He never saw me watching and didn’t tattle – even after the game. He’s a good kid.

It finally happened. It took nearly 18 months, and the husband finally learned that I do indeed, fart. I am told it happened at some time in the night. It was so boisterous that it woke him up. Not me, mind you – just him. And it wasn’t the sound that lured him from slumber. Oh no…. Oh YES. I could only laugh when he told me, but considering the wakeup call came mere hours later, I figure he still loves me. So there you are.

Ohio State plays Nebraska next week. There could be smackdown nutslam of epic proportions. In fact, I’m not even sure I want to be home at the time. Maybe Moo and I will meet up with Aunt Shelly again and go riding. Boy bonding gives me a headache. Plus, I’m of no help because I refuse to choose sides. Sowwy.

I opened Mabel’s closet this morning to dress her and noticed that nearly half of her closet is pink. She has 3 pairs of pink pants and 3 pink skirts. The girl makes out because she gets all of Hayley’s hand-me-downs (and God love my husband, who started saving them for her THE MONTH WE MET) and has a mom who loves to shop at Savers for jeans that cost $4.99. SCORE. Anyway, my point is that we didn’t really do any fall shopping this year for the Moo. She still needs a winter coat, boots, and tennis shoes – but that’s about it. Just a guess here, but I bet they will be PINK.

Today was a big day for my friend. Well, yesterday was also a big day because she lost an organ, but today… today will be more memorable, I promise. Today she got to see Henry. Hank. [Lulu, I will be calling your 6th spawn “Hank”, just so you know. Rhymes with Frank, which I find to be an amazing and strong name.] Also, I think you should dress him up as a hot dog for Halloween.

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  1. You know...he really IS Henry VIII. He makes us 8!! Love the hot dog idea! Keep your eyes peeled. We'll see what we can do!